{Soup and a Song}

when i was in college there was this italian restaurant downtown that had this amaaaazing soup
it was the go to place when parents were in town visiting...and they could pay
or sometimes we would scrounge up enough for just the soup, salad and bread sticks
it came to mind a few years back and dave tried to copy it for me
he did an amazing job!
we have had this soup twice already this fall and it is a favorite for the whole family

here is dave's recipe...in his words...

Chicken Velvet Soup


·       One whole deli rotisserie chicken (or roast your own)

·       12 C of water

·       3 tbsp. chicken base

·       Salt & Pepper to Taste

·       2 C  1/2&1/2

·       ½ stick of butter

·       1 C dry white wine (I used Pinot Grigio)

·       1 tbsp. dried tarragon

·       3-4 tbsp. corn starch mixed with equivalent amount of water


·       Pull all of the white meat off of the chicken, chop finely, and set aside

·       Pull all dark meat, skin and bones apart and put in a large stock pot with water, chicken base and salt & pepper

·       Bring to a simmer and hold for a couple of hours

·       Strain the stock through a fine mesh colander and return to the stock pot

·       Add wine and butter to the stock and return to a simmer

·       Add ½ & ½ , additional salt & pepper to taste and tarragon

·       Mix 3-4 tbsp. of corn starch with an equivalent amount of water until smooth

·       Add slowly until desired thickness is achieved

·       You may need more or less corn starch/water mixture

·       Add the chicken to the soup and simmer covered for 30 minutes

·       Using an immersion blender, puree’ the soup until smooth

·       Adjust the salt, pepper and tarragon seasoning and simmer for 5 additional minutes

·       Serve

i have a favorite song i can not get out of my head
it's not a new song by any means
but i swear i must listen to it at least 5 times a day at home
and when i am in the car alone...forget it....i jam it 10 times in a row at an unbelievable volume :)

just incase you wanted to obsess along with me, here's what i've been listening to nonstop for weeks

don't forget to pause my music down below

i love the musicality of it
the lyrics
the video
the story behind it

do you have an old favorite song you play over an over?

it's friday!
hip hip horray!
big weekend plans?
we are hoping for a trip to the pumpkin patch...

have a happy day and a lovely weekend,


  1. i adore train. my husband and i have seen them several times in concert downtown. meet virginia is my favorite :)

  2. I had to laugh at your italian restuarant in college. We had an italian rest. in college we went to when parents would come to visit. It wasn't anything expensive...just more expensive than a slice of pizza that I could usually afford! Your soup sounds really good! Even though I love to cook...I am always envious that your husband makes such great meals!
    Love drops of jupitor! I can't really think of a song that I rock out to when alone...except for maybe Little Red Corvette...when that comes on the radio, I get pretty loud!

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I have see you on my daughter, Gennifer's blog, and Kerri's and Nichol's too. Maybe even more!
    Thank you for stopping at my blog to tell me that. You are so nice. I am looking at your blog, and suddenly wanting soup!! That recipe looks good! Gennifer and her husband recently went to see Train live! They said it was GREAT!!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. oooohhhh this soup sounds so yummy. Will have to make it when I get home to cooler weather. Love this song too, he is a cutie. Off to read the story behind it!

  5. Oh gosh, the soup sounds really good. I really have to make this. Well, I'm in love with Train, so I get how much you love the song. I know I've mentioned this before, but we had just seen their video while eating at Margaritaville when I was in Oahu in March, then not 10 minutes later, we ran into the lead singer and a band mate and their families on the streets of Waikiki and I've been more in love ever since. :))) I got pictures, but my brother in law wouldn't let me go up and talk to them. haha. I guess he was right, they were there on vacation too.

    Anyway, have a great weekend!

  6. Oh, and yes, several Jimmy Buffett songs are ones that I play over and over, and never get tired of. :)

  7. Oh...even the NAME of the soup sounds comforting. Going to have to try this one. Thanks for sharing!

    And in college our favorite Italian restaurant was actually a dive w/lines out the door in the freezing Vermont winter. Oh, how I'd love to go back for some pasta. Interestingly, they now sell their pasta sauces in our grocery store. The restaurant is called "Bove's." mmmm.....

  8. That stew looks delicious! I haven't heard that song in awhile! Nice flashback, lol. :-) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


  9. dear lord, that soup sounds so good ... our weather finally turned to Fall this weekend and this sounds like the perfect way to start the season!!