today is a stay home day in our neck of the woods.
aubrey got janey's cold from the weekend and
i have a sore throat.
janey was sick last night too. (the kind of sick where someone needs to hold your hair back for you)
not sure it is really the stomach flu...she was only sick once then went right to sleep.
we will see.....

time to break out the sleeping bags and get ready for the max & ruby marathon.
perfect time for me to clean and disinfect the whole house and wash every ones sheets.

i am hoping to finalize that Christmas list too.
i really want this to be a stress free holiday for us.
simple and sweet
my parents and my brother's family are coming to our house for Christmas this year
we are all beyond excited.

no new pictures for you today so here are a few oldies but goodies

look at riley's curls...those ages were so fun...dress up and princess music...pretty dresses and all things girly

and this one of janey is a favorite too
we were out front playing and she came walking out of the garage in my shoes
i love seeing this picture because aubrey is wearing that outfit now!:) 

hope your day is a healthy one
have a happy day,


  1. I love seeing all my kids in the same outfits. . .or all my girls:)

    Hope its a quick stomach thing and the cold passes quickly too!

  2. good morning, friend - so sorry to hear you're all feeling down-n-out ... little ladybug and i have both been fighting something too, the reality of this time of year, I guess :( so glad you're taking the day to refuel - hope the news is all good from here!! feel better!!

  3. hope everyone feels better soon and the upset stomach was a fluke!

  4. Hope you guys all feel better soon! Love your old pictures...your girls have a LOT of hair...I notice this b/c I myself have a full head of hair! :)

  5. Get everyone well before next Thursday. I love sick days, in a weird sort of way.

  6. Home days are so needed sometimes. Hope you are all better in time to enjoy the weekend!

  7. Those older photos make my heart melt. They are so sweet. I hope you all get better soon. A Max & Ruby marathon and a house sanitizing will keep you busy, but I hope you enjoy it and everyone feels well before you know it! :)

  8. I also meant to say, I am all for a simple and sweet holiday. We only buy gifts for Boyd and a couple other littles in the family, so that takes a ton of stress out of the holiday for us. We can just sort of ease into it, and not feel rushed. That is my idea of a good holiday!

  9. Janey looks like a little Aubrey but with black hair in that last pic :)
    Hope everyone is well now and back to feeling healthy xo