{Happy Friday}

this is my "favoritest" friday in awhile.
dave will be on vacation as of 4:00 today.
one full week with my sweetie at home.
we have big plans that involve paint and a photo wall.
so super excited!!!
{speaking of photo walls, we are looking to change ours up a bit
to all my pinterest friends out there...see anything amazing?
i am looking for something more colorful and funky.}

janey is better and back to school today.
she was fine yesterday too.
happy to say the sickness was just a fluke and we have no house-wide stomach flu in our future. {knock, knock}
life is good.

this little girl has really been making me smile lately
the other night when i tucked her in she said "mom, i love you so very much...frizzy hair and all!"
ummm...thanks baby!:)
she was getting a few cough drops ready to go to school, she lined up a bunch of yellow wrapped ones around the one remaining orange wrapped one and said "that's me...totally unique right in the middle of this world".
she had a test today at school she was nervous about.
i drew three things on her palm to cheer her up.
a star to say she can do hard things and she is smarter then she thinks.
a heart to say i love her so very much and
a smiley face to say she will always make me happy no matter what....she loved it and was so worried it would wash off.....goodness i love this little girl.

aubrey's cold is still there but she slept well last night
so hopefully we are on the mend.
the only thing that seems to make her happy right now is max & ruby.
oh how i hate that tv on...but i guess we have to go with it till she's well enough to distract with little people and plastic cupcake picnics.

i really need a few new pictures of riley
till then, here is one of my old favorites

yesterday afternoon i was feeling like i wanted a little break.
so riley and i headed out for a drive and a quick trip to a nearby shop.
it was so fun.
we chatted the whole way in the car.
she told me about the silly things her and her five friends do at lunch.
about reading a book on the swings at recess.
we talked about songs we like and Christmas gifts for her sisters.
that girl has such a sweet heart.
we planned some holiday decorations for the house and had a really lovely time.
sometimes between school and extracurricular activities it feels like i never get to see my big girls.
i treasure these little stolen moments.

so what are your weekend plans?
any home projects?
would love to hear the details.

have a happy day,


  1. I'm glad the sickness is almost gone from your house! Love the pictures, and that old picture of Riley is adorable. I can see why it's one of your favorites. That will be so nice to have your honey home all week! :)

    We are having a date night Saturday night, finally, for a late 10 year anniversary celebration. I did a little shopping today for 1 thing for Boyd that he wants from Santa, and let me tell you, I now remember why we don't do Christmas presents anymore. I came home in a really BAD mood. haha. I know some people like the shopping. I do not. Sorry if that sounds grumpy. :))

    Have a great weekend!

  2. ps. Have I ever told you I'm a huge James Taylor fan?! I love your music here.

  3. Ohhhthat curly hair. . . Adorable!

    Aubrey seems like such a little ham!

    Glad the stomach flu missed you this time!

  4. glad the girls are feeling better. this weekend we are going to a touch a truck fundraiser then celebrating Blake and Richard's birthdays with family.

  5. Sounds like a good upcoming week. Kudos to your hubs for taking off the week. I LOVE those weeks.

    Cant wait to see the photo wall.

  6. oh cindy, i love that you drew the star, heart, and smiley on your nervous girl's hand - i used to draw a big heart on my oldest's hand before pre-school when we were having separation issues, but wow did you ever take that concept to a whole new level - I LOVE IT!!

    ps - so glad you guys are on the mend!

  7. Enjoy your week with your husband home!! Looking forward to seeing your colorful wall!

    Glad everyone is feeling better!

    Happy Thanksgiving week!

  8. Aww Janey's comment about being unique was so beautiful, what powerful words for someone so young. I adore how you drew little pictures on her hand, what a wonderful mum you are Cindy, you guys melt my heart. Yours is truly one of my absolute favourite blogs to come by and visit. I also love your new header!!