{Weekend Glimpses...kind of}

not many pictures from the weekend.
we were kind of busy with this.

so far we have only got the primer on (we work in small doses with a 2 year old in the house!)
but the transformation is amazing.
can't wait to see the real stuff go up today.

even though we were busy with painting prep and primer the girls did manage to have some fun:

friday movie night (Judy Moody)
sister sleepover
bandana painting and hair-bow making till 10 pm (we were long asleep!)
playing outside with friends
late night fun in the playhouse outside with flashlights and sleeping bags

we took a trip to target and the mall on sunday (so daddy could work alone) and i think i have Christmas card outfits for the girls.
goodness that is a huge thing checked off my list.
now i just need a location.....:)
and janey got new boots
another huge thing off the list.

my little two year old has a new favorite saying..."No, I can do it!"
everything from pour her juice to wash her hair.
she got her shoes on all by herself before church

sorry so blurry

and here is the "ta-da" to prove it

this can be a hard time but an important one.
i just have to breathe......and remind myself to s.l.o.w. down and let her do it.
it's all good!

today aubrey and i will leave daddy to work a bit this morning while the girls are at shcool.
we will probably hit hobby lobby for a few new frames.
i have big plans for the picture wall.
if only i can get the ideas in my head out on paper and up on the wall.
this might take me awhile,
but i think staring at that big blank space might just be the motivation i need.
(that and a house full of guests here for Christmas!!)

have a happy day,


  1. I have to remind myself to wait for Evie too. At least shoes are velcro now, right? With Heidi it was buckles that she really COULDN'T do.
    Can't wait to see your new project.

  2. can't wait to see the final results. and yes, when they get into the I can do it myself phase life slows down a lot to let them have the time to do it, but it's so worth it in the long run

  3. Can't believe you are letting the girls help paint! YOU are a GOOD Mom!! I am dying to know what color you chose...so hurry up and get that finished! :) Aubrey looks so cute and proud of herself!

  4. my youngest used to say that same phrase ALL the time when she was 2: "no, I do it!" ... we still use it with her when she gets super focused and determined, hearing it still makes us all smile ;-)

  5. Hi Cindy, Looks like you've got a good start to your project! Enjoy your week with your husband home! And I love the pictures of Aubrey doing things all by herself. Have a nice Monday, tara

  6. Oh, I love a home project! Can't wait to see the results!

  7. Can't wait to see the finished project!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  8. You are brave for letting your girls paint, but I am sure they did a great job. :) Boyd would make such a mess! That wine color is what we have on the wall in our kitchen. I'm ready for a change, big time.

    Have a great Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you before!

  9. Can't wait to see the "family color" on the walls when we come up!!!!!

  10. Aubrey is getting so big! I remember those days of new independence.

    I'm due in 5 weeks!! Can't wait to start over.

  11. i had that red everywhere in my house and have slowly been painting over it... it started to feel like my life was loud enough-- i didn't need my walls screaming at me too. ;) your girls look like great helpers!! :)

  12. Hi Cindy,
    Can't wait to see the end result with your painting.
    Are you making a photo wall there? I love the look of that.
    Indeed it is such a busy time of year. I just keep telling myself "one day at a time"
    Or as Dory says in Nemo "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" :)

  13. Wow. Now that's a project. Can't wait to see the end result. We went "Christmas card photo outfit" shopping as well. Oh how I remember the days when she would let me dress her in something cute. Coordinating the family around the 10 year old's style is not easy. But we ar making progress...it involves fur!