{A Bunch of Stuff}

happy thursday!
this week has seemed like it's been a month long.
i have woken up to the alarm several times thinking it's friday already....not yet, but soon!

riley got some big news yesterday.
she was selected to be one of the 8 fourth grade recorder soloists!!
she was beyond excited.
they will be performing for the whole school this friday.
it's really just a show for the students...i wonder if we could sneak in?!?!:)
she has been practicing a lot and sounding really awesome.
it makes my "music lovin self" proud!

this week i got season one of parenthood from the library.
lovin it!
there's nothing on tv anyway, so this is perfect.
now it's not just tuesday night tv i love....every nights a braverman party!:)
what a dork i am!!!

i got to help out at janey's craft day this week.
it was a lot of fun.
i really do miss being in the classroom....sometimes.

our tree is looking extra spiffy now.
riley made several of these ornaments when she was in second grade.
now we have a matching set.

aubrey has been saying the funniest things lately.
sometimes when i drop janey off for school the van door doesn't shut automatically the first time and i have to try it again.
today she said....."uhhhh...seriously!" as she helped me reach over to grab it.
oops, guess i better watch that one!:)

look at my kitchen counter.

it's like wrap central and driving me nutty.
all the wednesday night church and sunday school teacher gifts were delivered last night.
teacher gifts and other school gifts will be boxed up and ready to go today after school.
whew....i told you this felt like a long week.

aubrey and i talked to the sweetest little old check-out lady at hobby lobby yesterday.
she asked aubrey how old she was and she said "two and a half".
she told us she celebrates half birthdays too and she is now 71 and a half.
she patted aubrey's hand and gave us the sweetest smile.
i love little old ladies and i miss my grandma!
i hope to be a sweet little old lady someday...a far away someday...but someday!

i am so ready for tomorrow...
school parties (and i'm not room mom, just a volunteer!)
packing away those lunch boxes for an extended stay in the pantry.
annual trip to the mall for portraits, santa, food court and the angel tree.
vacation is almost here!

hope all your bunch of stuff was happy stuff

have a happy day,


  1. Congratulations to Riley. That is great news. I love all of the handmade ornaments. Boyd said something similar to me the other day, like, "ugggghhh whatever". I laughed. I need to watch my attitude. :) I love the mess on your kitchen counter b/c it says that your house is full of love and joy and blessings. Not to mention I love your counter and tile backsplash. The story of the lady at Hobby Lobby is sweet. I'm sorry you miss your grandma. :(

    Love this post. These type of posts are always my favorite, a happy, real life going on there. Have a good afternoon friend.

  2. Oh, and your bokeh tree lights are gorgeous! yay.

  3. great post. love those ornaments. Congrats to Riley, I bet they will let you go if you ask

  4. Hi Cindy!
    Congrats to Riley, how great.
    Lots happening with you guys.
    Such a busy time of year.
    I love your pictures, and I agree with Nicolle, the bokeh from the christmas tree is so pretty!
    Good luck with all this hustle bustle. :)

  5. Congrats Riley...you'll have to play us some tunes when we visit.

  6. Congratulations, Riley! That's quite an honor. :)

    I love the funny things my girls say too. BB's really got the, "I know..right?" expression down. Makes me smile every time. And LB comes up with some very mature sounding phrases now and then too that make me stop and look at her to make sure she's still seven.

    Are you out for Christmas break today already?!?!? We still go all the way through next Thursday!!!

  7. Yeah for Riley!!! Congrats to her!!!

    You're done with school til Christmas?! what?! We have a whole week still to go! I love your school districts schedule! Great idea. I'm sure you have to get a lot more done earlier but then... ahh!!! Christmas really can begin for you all now! Soak in your week before Christmas with your girls... sounds delightful! Merry Christmas Cindy! tara

  8. Congratulations Riley...how exciting! I would be sneaking in if I were you mom!
    Can't believe your girls get out so early for Christmas! Brady goes until the 23rd for 1/2 a day. Usually I'm ready for him to be out...but I'm kind of thankful I have next week alone to get last minute stuff done.
    Enjoy your weekend Cindy!

  9. Yay for 'Parenthood'! I am so glad you like it! And how great that the Library has Season 1? I watched several episodes on the airplane and I just love it.
    Enjoy the madness that is Christmastime. And enjoy that you are out of the room mom loop this year!

  10. Just loving my visit here Cindy. It just brings back so many memories to when my girls were this age. And your photography... just gorgeous.

  11. first of all, wow to riley ... my little ladybug is also a recorder specialist in her 5th grade orchestra, they'd be such buddies for sure ;) I like that necklace piece around hers, i've never seen that!

    i haven't been in blogland for 3 straight days - like you, i've had my game face on and was trying to stay completely focused on getting our gifting in order - we also started vacation as of yesterday ... it's a great feeling today, but on weds/thurs it was tough!! hoping to post tomorrow, we'll see ...

    hope you've been having a wonderful 'vacation weekend', cindy!!

  12. Congrats to Riley. I'm sure she did amazing. I love that recorded holder she has around her neck. What a great way to keep them fro. Rolling off their laps. I thin we all have one of those reindeer ornaments. I love remembering those years when we put the schoolmate ornaments on the tree. The paper clip angel is a new one I've never seen. May have to make a few of those at home. Merry Christmas to you all.

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