{Two and a Half}

sweet little aubrey is two and a half.
i thought one and a half might be our last year to get away without the whole candle blowing experience and it was. especially coming on the tailes of riley's big day.

when i was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner dave and aubrey were playing in the family room.
i announced it was time and aubrey said, "come on daddy want to come to my party!"
the things that girl says sometimes...goodness i love her!

"happy half birthday to you"
sang very loudly...almost feels like you're there right?!?:)

i'm so proud of myself and clapping so fast mom can't even find my hands!

and what brownie party would be complete without one of our favorite books...
brownie and pearl hit the hay.

we love you so very much aubrey.
thank you for reminding us to slow down and play

you are our sunshine for sure.

happy half birthday baby.
we love you

{thankful for}
1. aubrey
2. three little angels to call me mommy
3. brownies (i've had 3 today!)
4. music in the car to sing to
5. a hood on my coat to keep me dry

have a happy day,


  1. I love how you celebrate the girls' half birthdays. looks like she enjoyed her special brownie treat

  2. So sweet. Happy Half birthday Aubrey! She is a living doll, for sure....always adorable in all of her pictures. I love the one of her clapping!


  3. you nailed those pictures for sure!!! Looks like so much fun. You little Aubrey is so beautiful and changing before my blogging eyes! Enjoy the sweetness, tara

  4. oh my goodness is she ever growing up, cindy!! the photos are beautiful, especially the one of her smiling and clapping those fast hands of hers - fabulous shot!! happy halfsie to your sweet aubrey!!

  5. That last picture of the two of you is precious!! I remember you said you celebrate half birthdays with a treat and a book. What a great tradition!

  6. I love that picture of her clapping!! You totally captured the moment!

  7. Adorable! I've been a little absent
    on blogging latley. "My" has she grown!!! Beautiful girls you have their!!!! Thank you for your visit! :]

  8. Happy 2 1/2 Aubrey! She looks so excited. I love your collages...she's a gorgeous little girl Cindy!

  9. Happy 2 1/2 birthday! Such sweet moments, she is growing up so quickly! Have a wonderful day!


  10. Gosh she is beautiful Cindy, they all are, no wonder you're a proud mummy!!