{Weekend Glimpses}

happy monday!
good weekend here.
full and wonderful.
played this song.
a lot.
saw this movie

and loved it!!!

got our Christmas cards printed and ready to mail and
finished our advent wall.
it involves lots of yarn.....
pictures coming soon!

saturday morning dave made pancakes and aubrey said
"mmmm.....you're a real nice daddy to make these pancakes"
cracked us all up
i just had to take a picture to remember the moment.

today dave, aubrey and i are heading to panera to make our final shopping list,
check it twice,
then off to grocery shop.

how is your list coming?
cards done?
halls decked?
tree up?

have a happy day,


  1. I am trying to get motivated to finish my cards, but just can't. I have ordered 3 different pictures now to include, threw the first 2 sets away, waiting on the 3rd in the mail. :) Our Christmas lists are done. Boyd's santa gift, and stocking stuffers, that is it. So happy that is complete! I love what Aubrey said about the pancakes, and I want to pinch her little cheeks in that sweet photo. Love her!

  2. Good to know that movie was good. THere are so many movies to choose from for the kiddos right now. Panera??? Oh my... love it! I would stay there all day to drink their coffee and have a cinnamon crunch bagel. Happy day to you.

  3. We have that book at home waiting for us when we return. Book first, then movie. Good to know it is a good one.

    Your weekend pancakes...ummm...and starting your week off with Panera is always a great way to start.

    Happy week friend.

  4. check, check and check. my shopping is almost done too. hope you have a great week

  5. I've got about six cards left to address (find the addresses) then I can check that off the list. But the list seems to grow every time I think I'm done . . .

  6. We love pancake weekends! I never take pictures of them... I should!

    Cards, not done,
    Tree (big in liv rom) not done
    Decd , done
    All presents, not done
    Boy, I have a lot to do!
    Happy Monday

  7. You are ahead of the game lady! I haven't even found a picture for cards yet. I was hoping to get one when we were out getting our tree this weekend...but didn't really get the "one". House is half decoratated and I have put a good dent in my shopping online. Eric took the day off tomorrow so we could go shopping and out to lunch...hopefully we'll get a lot done.
    Aubrey is so darn cute!

  8. Heard that was a good movie! we saw Arthur Christmas and that was really cute too! I'm making progress...just super busy!
    Have a great week!


  9. well ... at least our decorations are in full swing - as for the cookies, the cards, the gifts, and the wrapping?? well ... that's another story ;-) i need more than 24 hours in each day in december!!

  10. Cindy ... come do my shopping list too, won't you?? I can hardly stand to step in the grocery store but think every time, "It's good ... it's all good ... it means your cooking ... literally :) "

    To get the pretty lights, focus your camera on something nearer to you, then go back to the lights and snap quickly. You'll get that blurry, dreamy look.

    And I love those cute cheeks and that girl of yours!

  11. ohhh! I wanted to see that movie Thanksgiving weekend but the girls voted for Arthur Christmas. Did the girls love it as much as you? :)