{Trimming the Tree and Decking the Halls}

Oh how I love Christmas!
The magic, the wonder... and seeing it through my babies eyes makes it all the more special.
This year we trimmed our tree the saturday after Thanksgiving. I think our week of painting had us all a bit worn out.

I have to admit, at first we had less then admirable enthusiasm from the girlies in the house. After Daddy and I played Christmas Sherpa (love that line Sloan!) we were left with a house of... "hold on....let me read this book real quick", "when can we play with our friends?" and "how much longer till we're done?"

Goodness, I have to say that did break my heart a little! Where was the enthusiasm? The Christmas cheer? I guess it didn't help that it was 58 degrees outside and most of their friends were out back!
But finally after putting on the Christmas music and breaking out the candy canes (ok and maybe a wee bit of mommy guilt giving on my part!) we got started and into the spirit of things.

i do not know what was up with me and my camera that day...the color is WAY off

this year it was riley's turn to put the star on.
after janey carried it in on her magical pillow!:)

tired baby??:)

i love all of our ornaments.
especially our baby ones that always hang side by side.

our 2011 Christmas Tree
in all it's homey glory

and we were all smiling at the end!

want a Christmas laugh?
here are the out takes for that above shot

most of holiday decorations are the same from last year.
we did add a few changes that i am very excited about...

we usually always put our Christmas village on the mantle
but this year i really wanted something different.
i got the inspiration from my mom.
we added fresh greens and some of our favorite Santas.
i just love it!
the only thing i had to buy was the burlap tree on the left.
i think it adds the perfect touch.
i bought a box of lights to add to the wreath.
i think that will really make it sparkle at night.

we moved the village to the landing on the way to the basement.
the girls have loved playing with the figurines and making up stories about who lives where.:)

i filled the rest of the area with Christmas art i have saved over the years.
we painted these ornaments together a few days ago as part of our advent activities.
simple and easy and everyone had fun.

i can't wait to fill this space with even more homemade treasures.

janey arranged our remaining Santas on the shelf near the kitchen table

and riley was in charge of the snowmen.

our Nativity is in the living room.
aubrey has her own fisher price one to play with too.
funny story...the other day she said..."where's baby Jesus Moses???"
i think she was getting her bible stories a bit confused:)

our advent area is finally complete!!

well...almost...i need a few more snowflakes...but close enough!
{i found those for a $1 for a pack of 4 at target!!}

i love love love my yarn wrapped letters

the night i started making them i was jumping around the house singing about how much i loved these silly little letters! everyone thought i was nuts but they were right there with me thinking of other things we could spell out and wrap with yarn.!!
janey wants "dream" in her room and riley is still thinking....
i think somewhere inside of me is a crafter just dieing to get out.
i loved sitting there on the sofa by the fire with my yarn at night....weird i know!:)

printing all the old pictures was so much fun.
the girls love looking at them all.
some of them are starting to curl up a bit...sticky tack to the rescue i am thinking.

so there you have it...our home all trimmed and decked for the holidays.
is your home decorated yet or still a work in progress?
i feel like most of my projects are like 95% completed...
like the snowflakes i still need and the Christmas bunting i still have to make.
that incomplete feeling can really drive me crazy and sneak in and steal my joy rather quickly!
i am trying to keep it in perspective, keep smiling and know that there's always next year!:)

{thankful for}
1. flannel sheets
2. creative ideas that make me happy
3. a hubby who works so hard
4. candy canes
5. early morning hugs

have a happy day,


  1. looks great. I really like the yarn covered letter, very "home spun"

  2. I'm thankful for all the same things Cindy!
    your tree and family are beautiful!!
    Merry Merry!! :)

  3. wow, cindy, my sherpa efforts ain't got nothin' on yours, that's a lot of decor you've got there, friend!! I love each and every detail and i'm especially impressed with how thoughtfully it all gets put out - love the new mantle layout and I really love the new home for the village too - my girls would be equally mesmerized by that new village location :)

    and the advent wall?! don't even get me started - it's amazing!! seriously, the concept alone is inspiring enough, but now to see it with the little envelope pockets all strung together, the yarn-wrapped "joy" above, the old photos all below - it's really great!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it all, cindy - talk about joy rising, wow! and ps, i did an outtake post today too - isn't that so funny to see those?!

  4. hahaha, cindy - just saw that we were visiting one another's blogs and commenting on the outtakes at the exact same time - funny coincidence, my sherpa sister ;

  5. What a wonderful post, everything looks so beautiful. The advent wall is so pretty! makes me want to make one for my family. Thanks for the inspiration =)

  6. Your house looks so wonderful and I love all of the kid's artwork! You gave me some great ideas! I know what you mean about decorating the tree. Mine always start out strong and then I am the only one left putting ornaments on at the end! But homey trees are the best trees in my opinion! Looks beautiful!

  7. I love your yarn wrapped letters. They are gorgeous. I also love your nativity set, your photo wall, and the handmade Christmas artwork! Your decor is great. I love how your Christmas tree lights are reflected in some of your shots, in the window. So pretty. Hope you have a great day. I've been quite moody the last few days, and your pretty post put a smile on my face. Thank you! :)

  8. Jeney lookin up at the tree, love that picture! Your Christmas house looks cozy and sweet. I love that you've decorated every little corner. I love your new Christmas mantle. How did you get the lights on there? Is there a cord running down the wall to an outlet? I've always wanted lights on my mantle but can't firgure out how to do it. I love your Christmas villiage landing on the way to the playroom. Perfect spot! Feels good to get it all done, doesn't it? Now make yourself some cocoa and enjoy it all! Merry Christmas, tara

  9. How'd I miss this post?!

    Your tree is beautiful...we have the same issue here...Brady starts out strong and by the last couple of ornaments I'm like, where'd Brady go?! Your mantel is gorgeous...I so miss having a fireplace to decorate! The burlap tree looks so pottery barnish! LOVE your basement landing and what you did with it...you don't see that in too many houses...a shelf on the landing...so neat! And your JOY letters....LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am guessing that was a yarn with the colors all mixed in...or did you use a few different colors? I think you'll be seeing some yarn letters around blogland in the future! ;)
    Enjoy your weekend Cindy!

  10. Your last two sentences were as if they came straight out of my own mouth!!
    Beautiful home all decked out for Christmas, I loved it all :)
    And yes the letters wrapped in yarn are pretty awesome!!
    I had to smile at the almost everyone was happy photo lol, little Aubrey's face was too cute!