{9 and a Half}

my oldest, the little one who made me a mommy is 9 and a half.
seriously how can that be?
do you know what the means....10 is right around the corner!
two full hands...double digits.....a big girl room re-do.
all things i'm just not ready for!:)

i love this girl like crazy.
i can really see myself in her.
thank goodness she has some of my good qualities to go along with those other kind.:)

this pictures says so much.
aubrey looks up to her and wants to be with her all the time.
they love to play riley's the mommy.
aubrey will whine "mommy mommy" and i'm like "yes" and riley is "no that's me mom"!

daddy made her favorite dinner tonight.
steak with bearnaise sauce and baked potatoes.
she is our best eater by far.
will try most anything and usually likes it!:)

this years requested dessert was angel food cake and homemade strawberry sauce

this little sister loves her like crazy too.
although with only 19 months between them, sometimes it's not quite as obvious!:)

thank you riley for bringing a smile to our hearts every single day.

you are such a wonderful blessing.

and we love you dearly.

the book this year was...

a perfect new series for my mystery loving girl.
received a day late because amazon was a bit behind
or mommy was...depending on how you look at it!:)

happy 9 and a half day riley

we love you!

8 and a half

{thankful for}
1. riley
2. books to loose ourselves in
3. daughters who are best friends
4. a laundry room
5. quiet mornings

have a happy day,


  1. Oh Cindy, Riley is such a beauty! I love the first picture, and that second one with Aubrey looking at her. Melt my heart. The pictures are so great, all of them. You shower your girls with so much love, and they have such good lives because of you and Dave! I love about Aubrey saying, mommy mommy and not meaning you. funny! The birthday dinner and dessert sound fabulous.

    Happy 9 1/2 birthday Riley!

  2. omg, i forgot how our girls share that early june gemini bond ... my little ladybug turned 10 1/2 yesterday (b'day is 6/8 - is riley's the 7th?) and for her book this year I got an American Girl puzzle book, she's been buried in it ever since! I absolutely love these gorgeous pics of riley - that new camera is serving you well, cindy!! happy half b'day over there ;-)

  3. Oh Cindy. I was doing fine until I saw the picture of you and Riley looking at each other with those smiles. It brings tears to my eyes! I can feel the love all around! Happy 1/2 birthday to Riley!

  4. Hi Cindy! Would you beleieve that my Anna is 8 1/2 tomorrow! Funny! Looks like you made her half bday ever so special. I love that first and last picture of her all grown up. But 9 1/2 is still a little girl, right? I love how she's all silly in the other pictures with Janey and how Aubrey looks up at her all adoringly. Enjoy your young 9 1/2 year old girl! & your weekend, tara

  5. Cute, cute girls! I love when they love each other so much.

  6. your girls are so cute. I love the connection you see between all three

  7. What a beautiful post of your sweet Riley. My little K is 10 1/2 ( actually closer to 11 but I'm in denial) and all those things happened. I am getting used to her independence although I do miss doing her hair and picking out her clothes. She is different and still so much the same. All grown up and still a little girl and I cherish the moments she wants to crawl up on my lap as they are fewer times these days. Looks like a wonderful day of celebration ( and delicious dinner). Love those elsewhere books

  8. ohhhhh....that first and last picture of Riley is just gorgeous! She looks so grownup in those.

  9. Riley is adorable and looks just like you Cindy!! I love how evident the love within your family is...