look what we woke up to yesterday morning!

our very first snowfall of the year.
even though it was just a little bit, it still had that silent snow sound outside.
i love that.

janey was home sick again.
she threw up the night before.
i think it might have been the juice box she had at girl scouts.
really, last time she got sick and it turned out to be nothing she had a juice box at church.
i guess it's not such a bad thing to have your kids "allergic" to juice boxes right?
she won't go near one now!!:)

these two had a good time playing, reading {notice the book?} and snuggling up....
for the big premiere of the bubble guppies Christmas episode.:)

we ran two quick "pick-up at the front desk" kind of errands then
headed for a drive through the park.
i wanted a few pictures before it all melted away.

we were the only people there.

and again....that silence....

love it!

the rest of our friday was simple
breakfast for dinner
crafting at the island
a spa birthday party for riley
and ice cream and hgtv on the sofa for me.
how was your friday?

{thankful for}
1. snow
2. gingerale and saltines
3. my big girls love little shows
4. joy
5. silence

have a happy day,


  1. "big girls love little shows" I'm thankful for that too!

    Your pictures of the snow are so beautiful! I love how you got down and shot up close too!

    Enjoy your couch snuggles with your girls this weekend. tara

  2. looks like a beautiful snowfall. We love the book get well Santa. I think it's one of the boys favorites

  3. Looks beautiful where you live, and the girls are so darn cute!!

  4. such a pretty dusting, cindy - it's finally cold enough here to be snow weather, so we'll see ... hard to believe that by this time last year, we had already had a ton of snow ... sigh ... we wait ...

    enjoy your weekend!

  5. Beautiful photos!!

    We would love some snow!

  6. I'm a little jealous you have snow :)
    It looks so beautiful and perfect for the holiday season! Cute picture of the girls cuddled up on the couch together.

  7. Lovely photos! We have get well Santa also, really cute book. :-)
    I'm actually hoping the snow stays away for awhile...like until Jan. after we come back from Disney! LOL Have a great week!


  8. we didn't get any of that snow! i am kind of ready for one good snow and then i will promptly be ready for spring ; )

  9. I love that sound, the silence of snow. What a beautiful thought right now. I love your pictures. Poor Janey! Hope all is well now.