{Weekend Glimpses}

you know that kind of happy feeling you get when you feel like you are ready to bust out of your skin.
that's the feeling i have had the last few days.
i love it.

why so happy...not really sure...
~janey's birthday party is coming up and i feel prepared.
~we have 24 frames on our dining room table waiting for paint to create our new picture wall
~i have the paint and the colors are fun
~i have a new word of the year and a little craft project that goes a long with it
~this new song on my blog...play it loud and you'll know how i feel!!:)
life is good....and happy!

...back to the weekend...

the girls had friends over friday after school.
the girls stayed for pizza and we all went to a school function together.
bounce houses
cake walk
it was fun.
and we got to be the cool fun parents!!:)
instead of the ones always reminding them about homework and bedtimes.
i liked that.

we had breakfast together at panera on saturday and then got the oil changed and the car washed.
exciting stuff i know.
i love a clean car with new oil.
i swear it drives better!:)

janey had a girl scout function and riley played with a friend while i shopped for frames.
i think i must have bought 50... ok...maybe 20.

the girls had another friend over on saturday for a pajama movie night.
they wanted to watch in the basement hideout which meant dave and i could still watch our tv....score!
cool parents who still get to watch their own show.
all we had to do was provide the popcorn and m&m's.:)

sunday we relaxed a bit, shopped for party favors and worked on the picture wall.
it was a good weekend.
a happy one for sure.

you can tell i didn't pick the camera up.
so with janey's birthday coming up here are some pics of baby jane.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. happy days
2. a plan that comes together
3. fun
4. friends
5. love


  1. I kept waiting to hear your happy song...but it never came on! Maybe next time! Can't wait to see your frames and your wall and your craft! I would be happy too with all that fun stuff in the works! :) Love the flashback pics of Janey!

  2. i hear it and i love it - happy for sure!! i am envious of your energy, cindy, i feel as though i got run over by a bus this week! re-entry after vacation was particularly tough for all of us last week ... hoping we all cope better this week - and maybe even catch some of your upbeat energy too!!

  3. so so sweet. i love the itty bitty baby pics.

    what are you going to do with all of your frames?

  4. sounds like a great weekend. hope you have a great week to follow

  5. sounds like the perfect weekend to me! PS ~ love love love your year collages. Awesome!
    Can't wait to see your new picture wall!!!

  6. Oh, I love the baby pictures! I laughed b/c I also think my car drives better after a wash and an oil change. Those 2 things make me very happy. I really need a new song for my blog. I don't know much about music these days, so I'm having a hard time finding something fun and new. Gosh I sound old! Can't wait to see your new photo wall and all of those frames you are talking about. Enjoy your week!

  7. Our babies had the same high chair! Love that you are feeling happy and that is shining through in your post. Life is so much easier when we choose happiness, isn't it? Here's to a happy week!

  8. Great post Cindy!! I love playdates for the kids too, it keeps them busy and we get our time to relax. Cute pictures of Janey, she was an adorable baby :)