{Thirteen Years}

happy anniversary to us!!
13 years....wow!
seems like only yesterday, really!

we celebrated our anniversary by doing the things we typically do on a monday.
drop the big girls off at school
grocery shop
lunch at our favorite mexican place
but we would look at the clock throughout the day and say "what were we doing now?"
it was sweet and simple and perfect.
(well maybe not perfect i would have loved to be in a tropical place with the sun on our shoulders and sand under our feet...but it was pretty close):)

dave surprised me with beautiful flowers.

and made a wonderful dinner

(of course he tweaked it a bit so let me know if you want the updates)

janey has tumbling on mondays so we were eating a bit later then normal.
after their showers the girls were playing hide and seek upstairs with aubrey.
our soup was ready but their grilled cheese was not. we looked at each other and decided to sit down and eat, just the two of us. it was the closest we were going to get to a babysitter i guess!

we took a family pic before bed.
first time we had used the tripod and timer so it took a bit.

our three silly, squirmy monkeys didn't help either.

throw in the learning curve for the cameras live view and self-timer and we just gave up

yes dave turned his eyelids inside out...totally gross!

happy day
happy life
happy anniversary
i love you baby

{twelve years}

{thankful for}
1. 13 years
2. those words "how can i help you?"
3. having a family
4. mexican food
5. love


  1. so sweet - happy anniversary to you guys!!

  2. Happy 13th Wedding Anniversary to you both!!! Great/funny pictures Cindy.
    Glad you had a nice day together :)

  3. Happy Anniversary Cindy and Dave. Looks like the perfect, simple, sweet day! I read once, that there are two kinds of men to marry. One will wine and dine you out at fancy places. He'll swirl you across a dance floor looking all dressed up and dapper. The other one to marry is simple and will hold you in the middle of the night. You'll wear jeans together and go for walks. ~ The second, that's the one to marry. Looks like you got that right!!! May your love continue to grow deeper each year. May the blessings of your beautiful family draw you closer to each other and in love. Blessings to you, tara

  4. Happy Anniversary. The family pictures are great. How fun. :) Sounds like a great day. Dinner and the flowers look beautiful. I hope for many more years of a happy marriage for the both of you!

  5. Another year has flown by! I remember last year's anniversary post and your cute wedding photos! Your family is adorable and those pictures are great! Happy anniversary to you guys!

  6. What a wonderful anniversary. Happy day to you both. I love the series of family pics kind of like the quick shots in a photo booth. Love the action blur from the kiddos.

  7. Happy Anniversary! What lovely pictures :-) Hope you have a wonderful new year!


  8. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas season!! now don't pass out b/c I am back.. I keep trying to come back! ;) life is such a balance... I love blogging... its the time thing I am so bad at!! ha ha... today I am trying to reconnect with my fav. bloggy peeps!! =) and see if I can work it into my new year routine! ha! miss keeping up with you... we are at 13 1/2 years... and it seems life IS full of silly and family... it is not so much about "just" us anymore... but all of US.. ;) we are right there with you... we love our kids and family time.. .hard to "celebrate" without them.. =)

  9. Happy Anniversary! ahhh....the tripod. I love being able to capture everyone together, but I hate to get that thing set up. I can't even find mine these days. *sigh*

  10. Happy anniversary! You have such a beautiful family!

  11. Hi Cindy! I came over to send you a note...and low and behold I missed this post! How did I miss this?! So sorry! Happy Anniversary to you and Dave....such a great couple you two are! Love the fun family pictures! Hope you're doing well....where the heck are you?!! :) Miss you and your family!

  12. Happy anniversary. The pics are super fun. Too cute!

  13. You know what. These pictures are so much more special than some perfect photo shoot. I know you will look back and cherish these more. Congratulations on number 13!

  14. Popping over to make sure all is OK. Thinking of you...

  15. HI Cindy, just checking in on you. I know life gets busy, but I just wanted you to know you are missed! Look forward to catching up soon! Have a great weekend!

  16. Hello my friend - missing you in the blog world. Hope all is good and you are just busy with real life.

  17. hopefully you are just on one long anniversary party!! :) just stopping bye to check in and say you are missed. :) hope YOU are having a happy day. :)