{Janey Turns Eight}

our sweet little janey brooke is eight!
how in the world did that happen?
of course we made our favorite chocolate sugar cookies to share with her class.
and she was very methodical about her m&m placement.:)

this is janey looking oh so janey-ish as they sang "happy birthday to you".
her favorite part of her classroom party was getting to lead the game "heads-up 7up".
remember that one??

her class has been studying the weather.
on her birthday it was her turn to present the weather report to the class.
i love this shot of her all bundled up in the morning practicing.

and look what she got to report...
our first real and so far only substantial snowfall of the winter and it came on her birthday.
she kept saying all day it was God's present to her.:)

i love this progression of pictures.
between janey snacking on snow (?) and aubrey losing her hat and being shielded and rushed inside by her sisters...it's cracking me up...funny sweet stuff.

i knew it was too cold and windy outside for aubrey, but sometimes us mammas just have to let them figure things out for themselves don't we? it's soooo much easier to wait it out 5 minutes till she wants to come in on her own then to sit and tell her no it's too cold and listen to her cry for an hour while her big sisters play outside.:)
sometimes we really do have it all figured out don't we?

eight was the year of the horse....stables, black beauty books and model horses.
and some other goodies too.

janey's party theme was cupcakes.
we painted canvases, played games and decorated our own cupcakes.
lots of girly fun.

 the cutest mason jar lids right!!!??? ordered them here.

we celebrated again that evening with our neighbors.
and for some reason my camera and i were not getting along.
sorry janey.

can i blame it on a day of sugar overload??

we love you so very much janey brooke!
you are a hard working, spunky, snuggly, love filled little girl.
you amaze us every day with your mind and your heart and we are so very blessed to know you and be your parents.
we hope you feel our love every day!!!

{Janey Turns Seven}


  1. what a wonderful birthday!

    So glad she got snow for her birthday!

  2. I love all of the birthday pictures. Happy late birthday Janey! :)

    The snow looks like fun, and I love that collage and the progression of the snow pictures. So cute. Yes, sometimes we do have to let them figure things out for themselves. It's so much easier for us to just do it all for them, but they learn so much more when they learn on their own. I have to remind myself of this often.

    Have a wonderful afternoon!

  3. looks like a fun birthday celebration. love the cupcake theme very fun. also really like the mason jars with the straws in them fun and practical too

  4. Happy 8th Birthday to Janey!! What a fun day she had, such pretty things and colours, you did a good job Cindy!
    The snow pics are adorable, boy it looks cold!! Yes sometimes we have to pick our battles and I think you mastered it perfectly :)
    Adorable post, your love for your children radiates through my screen, it's beautiful xo

  5. Happy birthday sweet Janey. What a fun cupcake theme. Everything was so cute and colorful. Now I'm off to go look at those flower jar lids ... They caught my eye right away.