did you watch the academy awards?
i only caught a wee bit.
we go to bed way too early to see any of the "good stuff".:)
but we did manage to catch this trailer.

(don't forget to pause the music down below...)

we are always up for a good disney/pixar movie.
throw in a strong heroine and we are there!:)
can't wait till june.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. 60 degrees and sunny today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. wearing a hoodie instead of a fleece
3. lunch with janey and a drive-thru coke
4. 3 trips over the bouncy bridge this morning with aubrey while looking for geese
5. floor puzzles

like my new header?
inspired by sarah at clover lane...again!!:)


  1. Your new header rocks!!! Some day, one of these days I've got to do a new header! 60 and sunny? We have snow coming down like mad here... funny weather! Happy Wednesday!

  2. I couldn't get your music to pause...so I turned down my speaker and watched the trailor. I haven't heard of that movie...looks like a fun one!
    Cute new header as always!

  3. oh cindy i love love LOVE the new header/background over here! no surprise, but we caught that very same ad during the oscars and we ALL went quiet to watch it - looks SOOOO good!! reminds me a lot of 'how to train your dragon' as far as the incredible sharpness of the animation and of course, LOVING that it's a female lead role - woot woot!!

  4. The movie looks great...a strong redhead heroine!

  5. You have such fun days Cindy! I really love your 'thankful for' bit down the bottom! I might have to steal the idea?!