{Weekend Glimpses}

it was a good weekend.
lots of good eating, needed chillin', cleaning and playing.
janey transformed herself into sally ride for a biography project and riley and i snuck away for a sunday date. with riley you know the mall was involved.
as i was taking that picture of aubrey she was in the middle of this big story about that little guy being lost in the forest looking for his babies...oh how i love play like that.:)

this made me laugh.

and no one gets our house flossing like the tooth fairy.;)

maybe the upgraded $2 molar fee riley earned will inspire janey to donate the 4 teeth she has saved in a bag...waiting...for what i'm not sure.:)

what did you do this weekend?
hope it was wonderful.
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. janey's effort...she put her all into that project
2. aubrey's giggles
3. when the big girls love on the little one
4. catching up with a friend
5. a new candle


  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun relaxing weekend! Brady lost his first molar last week too...on the bottom. He only told us a couple days before that it was even loose...and then it fell out at school. We do notes from the tooth fairy too. It cracks me up that he has no idea.
    I always love your collage of photos!

  2. Love the tooth fairy notes. So sweet! :)

    I'm glad it was a great weekend for you. You know I always love yummy food, and just relaxing. Our weekend was busy, with a little stress thrown in, but it all worked out in the end. Yesterday was our chill out day, and it was nice.

    Have a great week.

  3. Wonderful weekend!!

    Love the fact that Janey is saving her teeth!!

  4. sounds like a great weekend. those tooth fairy notes are funny. hope you have a great week

  5. I love the little glimpses...says so much about your weekend. The tooth fairy note is classic..and even funnier is the tooth fairy's note back! Cracks me up. Do you think it will work long term. If so, let me know. I need to have one sent one that says "wear your retainer."

  6. I love the return note. Maybe I need one of those as a tooth fairy "excused absence" :)

  7. Looks like it was the perfect weekend! Who's the red and who's the white in your family?

  8. aaaaw, i love that note from the tooth fairy!! we used to have similar written exchanges as the teeth were left for the tooth fairy, our tooth fairy was named "sparkle" and my little ladybug built her a playground from paper clips so she could take a break and play during her visit - ah, those were the days ... so so sweet :)

  9. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog.

    Looks like you had a nice weekend...I love relaxing weekends!

    Love the tooth fairy letter!

  10. Hi Cindy, your comments make me smile, thanks for that in my day!

    On the books... don't get "secret daughter", kind of not what I expected and the life one of the families leads makes me feel awful... try "A Lantern In Her Hand" instead for fiction... awesome!

    The cleaning book rocks but I must admit I don't do it all, I just like reading about it :)

    As far as readiing photography books, I'd recommend the library first. Wish I didn't buy some of mine. I really just like to look through the portraits and drool a bit or maybe get an idea or too. I so don't need to own the book.

    And last but not least "Entitlement Trap" has some awesome ideas but the part about 'paying' your kids and having them buy everything from their money is a bit extreme for us. I love bargain shopping and sale shopping for my girls clothes and love still picking out cute penguin sweaters like the one Anna is wearing right in front of me. The book is awesome though, it just needs to be twiked for my needs. Their 'gunny bag' idea is the best clean up idea in the world! Over all, I like everything Eyes (author) writes.

    I guess that's it... I just didn't want you going to amazon right away! Have a happy night, tara

  11. me again. Do you like that Method wood cleaner? I need something good like that. I don't like Pledge......

  12. Stopping by to see how you're doing. The girls have gotten so big, especially Aubrey! She's so pretty. Your photos are great, and good job taking a photography class. I really need to do the same.

    Love the tooth fairy note:))

  13. Aw, I love your weekend glimpses. That not from the tooth fairy is AWESOME and I love that you guys are a red & white couple too!

  14. Hehehe that is so cute that she is saving those teeth!
    What an adorable letter for the toothfairy, Riley deserves an increase in $ just for the letter alone :)
    I adore your new header btw!!
    Have a great week Cindy!