pardon me while i dust the cobwebs off and shoo the chirping crickets away from my little corner of blog land.:)
other then the dreaded computer crash of last summer, i can't remember when i've been away this long.
and i'm not even sure why really?

maybe it was the holiday hustle leading into janey's party that did it.
maybe it was that new picture wall i was determined to get done (which looks A...MAZING!! btw!)
maybe it was the new workout routine i started and love which is eating up all my morning alone time.
maybe it was just this love/dislike (hate is waaaay too strong a word!) relationship i have with blogging that i know most of you can relate to. i love the memories captured, the bonds of friendships made, the creative outlet. but ironically so, those beautiful, wonderful things sometimes come at a price don't they? it may not be a huge price...but it's still there though right?? and honestly, blogging is one of those things for me that once i "press pause"....it is soooo hard to get back into. anyone else get that??:)

so anyway....i am back.
i have missed you all and the wonderful happenings of your lives.
i am grateful for your friendship and please don't take my absence as indication of otherwise.:)
thanks so much to everyone who checked in on me...sometimes more then once...
that was so very sweet and made me feel amazing!:)

and just so you know ...the big girls aren't driving yet and aubrey still has some remnants of baby talk!
we've still been doing all those little things we love like:
movie nights,
sister sleepovers,
playing at the park and riding our bikes, (yes in the winter!!)
trips to panera and the library,
...and the mall,
baking and eating yummy things,
and loving each other.

please bare with me as i backtrack a bit to remember all the bigger little things like:
janey's 8th birthday
our one and only "kinda major-ish" snowfall this winter and
love day

oh...and please bare with me as i am reminded of all those bloggy things i need to update like:
my header,
my "way super old don't even have short hair anymore profile photo,
and our sidebar pics:)
but i'm keeping the song...it just makes me way too happy:)

oh and speaking of pics...i did take that photography class and loved it...just haven't practiced much yet...see what i mean....out of it!!!:)

ok..now i'm just rambling

thanks for stopping by and not forgetting us and...

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. good friends
2. a warm home
3. a mild winter
4. exercise
5. my girls


  1. Hi Cindy!! Great to see you back, I was wondering if all was well but knew you'd be be back to blogging when you were able.
    Your girls are as cute as ever and I loved this catch up post!
    I know how time consuming this can all be, I have finally established a routine that doesn't conflict with other areas of my life, but at first it was tough!
    I hope you can find a healthy balance so that you don't stop enjoying it.
    Have a wonderful week filled with everything you love xo

  2. It's good to hear from you Cindy! I hear you on the blogging thing...I am a bit out of it myself these days. I love it and enjoy it...but sometimes just don't have the extra time or energy to put into it. I used last years Jan. header for this year...and am still using it for this month too. And, my profile says I've been married 10 yrs...and soon it will be 12! Oh well!
    I have missed seeing and hearing about your girls!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Can't wait to hear about your exercise routine. . .

    Hasn't this winter been warm? Nice for outside play but not very winterish!

  4. oh how i've missed you, cindy!! sooooo glad to see that everything is ok, i've been wondering so often lately - so it was a wonderful surprise to see your name in my news feed this morning - yay, you're back :):)

  5. Thanks for the surprise post! I've missed you and your girls. Is Aubrey potty trained yet? That's my goal next week.

  6. I'm glad you got time for a post. I've missed you, you know?! :) I get what you are saying about blogging, 100%. I know you've only been away a while, but your girls are changing so much. Loved seeing their sweet faces!

    Megan has really inspired me to be more aware about my time online, and blogging in general. I'm really trying to make some positive changes that make me feel good.

    Talk to you soon. Thanks for your comment today too. :)

  7. We missed you! So glad you're back!

  8. welcome back. I'm sort of on a mini bloggy break too, so yep I get it!

  9. sooooo glad you are back.. and I can relate to that love/dislike relationship with blogging. It DOES take time, and mental energy and there are just some days I don't have any. Can't wait to see what's been happening in your world... happy Tuesday, tara

  10. Cindy,
    I understood every last word you wrote about blogging. A double edged sword for sure! I am very curious about your exercise routine, and quite envious of your get and go. That would definitely be worth a few less posts for sure.
    Take care and welcome back.

  11. So great to see you back to blogging! :-) Have a great week!

  12. I totally get it. It's so hard to keep up with your own blog. And even harder to get around to all your bloggy friends. And with this new Blogger word verification, I'm ready to scream anytime I want to post a comment!!!

    Glad you're back. And doing well. Love the shot of the 3 girls reading. And cutie Aubrey w/the balloon.