{Lunch and a Laugh}

ok, everyone knows how much i love panera for breakfast.
in fact if i'm not there at least twice a week they call me at home to see if i'm ok.:)

but i have been known to visit them for lunch on occasion.
my absolute favorite salad there is the Asian sesame chicken salad.
when dave is out of town or i am having a bad day it is always the first thing i think of for a little pick-me-up.

well...guess what...dave found the recipe.
it was actually right there on their site.
he made me one at home and it was amazing and even better then the original....
cause my honey made it.

so go make one...
if you love panera...
or if you're having a bad day and need a pick me up...
or if you just love salads...
you won't be disappointed.


now for the laugh...
i hope this doesn't offend anyone,
but i saw this post last week and it made me laugh so hard i was crying!
truth be told i had never heard of the "cinnamon challenge" and if i had maybe i would have had a clue what to expect, and from what i'm told...you can see this kind of thing all over YouTube. but i'm in the dark about most all of that kind of thing....
so.....here goes....click here and be prepared to laugh till you cry...i hope!:)

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. a good laugh
2. a beautiful "not a cloud in the sky" kind of day
3. watching aubrey learn
4. my big girls are bonding at night
5. a hard working hubby


  1. Laughed so hard I cried! Funny!!!

    Love the look of that salad! Your husband sure can cook... seems that he can whip up anything! I'm so impressed!

  2. Oh I love Panera! I have never been there for breakfast just lunch.

    Thanks for the great laugh today...kinda needed it. Even my little one laughed.

  3. I'm meeting a friend at Panera for breakfast on Thursday. We usually go for lunch...so I'm anxious to try breakfast there! Your salad looks so good....I will have to check out the recipe. So sweet of Dave to make it for you!
    I could use a good laugh right about now...headed over to check out whatever cinnamon challenge means?!

  4. I love panera too, and I love that they share their recipes, wish more places did

  5. i didn't know what to expect from your post, so I watched the clip sans kids first. Then I had to call in my fifteen-year-old and he had heard of the challenge before watching the clip. We laughed and laughed! Thanks.
    My question: why would you still post the video?

  6. I have to agree with Jen, why in the world would you post that of yourself?

    Panera. . .love! But it's their Greek salad that I love!

  7. Oh boy that salad looks good. I have never been there for lunch, but am going to have to now! I 'pinned' that recipe to try too - thank you!

    As for that cinnamon lady...holy moly...the best moment is when she puts the whole ladle in!

  8. I glanced at your post last night, but didn't have time to comment. Then I dreamed about this salad last night. ha. Except in my dream it had fish in it or something. Dreams are weird! :)

    Anyway, I would love that salad. Thanks for the recipe link. You are SO lucky that Dave cooks such great food. Kevin loves to bbq/smoke food, but that is only a few times during the summer.

    The cinnamon video...hilarious. So, are you gonna take the challenge?! :))

  9. my video function is friend right now, so i can't watch - but AFV recently showed a video of 2 guys trying to hold cinnamon in their mouths and one of them eventually started laughing and it came out his nose ... could that be what this one is?!

    definitely gonna take note on that panera salad - it looks reeeeeeally tasty!!

    bye for now, friend :)

  10. video function is *fried*, not friend ...