{Weekend Glimpses}

hi friends.
good weekend?
ours was a little on the lazy side.
which believe me...with the week we have coming up...it's a good thing.

i must say the girls are managing their screen time beautifully.
books and people are still more important...whew!:)

someone else likes my spring flowers too.
she carries them around for us all to "have a sniff".

a mighty cute crowd waiting for pizza

dave made the basics
bbq chicken pizza...that one got eaten too fast for a photo.
pizza + little river band station on pandora + a fountain mcd coke = a perfect saturday night

oh...and ice cream too


my laundry basket hardly ever holds laundry these days
this weekend it was a boat, a rocket ship, and a train car.

these two were in full time lovin' mode.

i love it.

homemade pasta cut into circles for mini ramekin lasagnas

can you imagine sitting at the computer in that position???:)

guess who's sharing rooms now??
totally on a whim.
we went for it!
it was this photo that inspired the move i think:)
we will see what happens when riley gets her room redone in a few months.
they now have a sleeping room and a study/reading room.
and endless possibilities for sisterly bonding...and staying up way too late!:)

hope your weekend was a happy one,


  1. I love that last picture. I bet they love sharing a room. How fun! My sister and I never did that, we should have.

    Yum on the pizzas. I'm glad you guys did the Thai one. I want another!

    The girls loving on each other...adorable. And, Aubrey carrying around the vase of flowers reminds me of Boyd at that age. Nothing ever stayed in it's place, but I loved it anyway.

    Have a great week!

  2. Oh my gosh....Brady sits like that at the computer ALL the time!! It drives Eric bonkers! (I always tell him, so what?!)
    Your pizza looks yummy! We always make homemade pizza's too on Fridays. I've been buying the whole wheat dough at Trader Joes! So cute the girls want to share a room. Pretty soon Aubrey will be moving in too! :)

  3. those pizzas look super yummy. it looks like they are excited to share a room, hope it works our for everyone

  4. Hi love the new sisters room! Great idea! I'd do it if I could fit them.. kinda small bedrooms in this house.

    That pizza... oh it looks good! And what was that for breakfast... looks amazing... what's the recipe?

    Good luck with your busy week, tara

  5. What great pictures! They are going to have so much fun! That pizza looks delicious going to check out that recipe for sure!
    Have a great night!


  6. Look at all that sisterly love. So sweet. And that yummy food looks so delish. Mini lasagna ramekins - tell me more please. And homemade pasta - you rock!

  7. I don't know how you can live with a man that cooks like that!! :) It all looks so amazing and I also want to try Nicolle's recipe. How did the little lasagna's turn out?

    Good to hear that the screen time is at a good pace for you and them. I am toying with the idea of a phone for my daughter, but am thinking birthday.

    Cute roomies...I always shared a room with my sis growing up and even when we got our own rooms when we were older, I would sneak back into hers at night!

  8. my girls shared a room for 2 summers in row, it was a really fabulous time ... i miss those days! and btw, all of these foods are making me drool - the pizzas, the ramekin lasagnas, and omg that apple pancake looks so professional - wowza - delicious!!