ok...before i go on, can i tell you how much that february header is bugging me???;) i tried to do a little photo shoot in the park last night with rainbow colored balloons and everything...park closed at 5:00...rats!!! no where near the "golden hour"of light. we will try again soon.....
i feel better now that i got that off my chest!:) haha

another beautiful day!
blue skies and lots of warm breezes.
almost felt a bit like summer, but i'm not complaining.:)

like my new song?
you can see the totally cute video here.
i love it like crazy!!
i am not kidding one bit when i say that i played it at least 10 times this morning before the girls were even up. something about unloading the dishwasher and packing lunchboxes to a rockin' song that makes my whole day happy. try it tomorrow and your morning might look like this...

i think my photographer was dancin' too...we are a bit off center and headless at times:)

is this shirt the best or what?

i love that it was the only shirt she wanted from the gap.
don't you wish we could all walk around in a shirt like that!:)

aubrey and i played and cleaned this morning and then went to see janey for lunch.

she wanted to bring "brownie" along but luckily he waited in the car....buckled into his seat of course.

we spent some time outside again.
i just can't resist these days.

she was asking me to help her down the rock wall here and giving me very specific instructions as to how i was to assist her down. then she said...."actually i think i'll just stay up here and drive my castle".

i love when she says "actually". :)

tonight it's pasta for dinner and probably more outside play with friends.
pretty good for a wednesday night don't ya think?

the girls and i are reading this book together in the evenings and trying to finish it before daddy gets home...then we'll rent the movie.
i am waiting for this to come in at the library...but i think i'm like 36th on the list.
hope i make it before the movie comes out.
hope your wednesday was awesome!

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. easy dinners
2. texts from friends
3. reading with one big girl on each side of me
4. ceiling fans
5. macadamia body butter


  1. looks like a lot of fun playing and dancing. Hunger Games was an awesome book... all 3 are worth reading

  2. I just started Hunger Games today. Lily tells me it is awesome. And Holes is a favorite of my boys' for sure. Enjoy your weather!

  3. Drive her castle!! How adorable is that lol
    I love that top Janey is wearing, it is a really great attitude for a young girl to adopt :)
    Your pictures are lovely, as always, and the dance party in the morning looked like it would kick your day off just perfect!!
    Have a wonderful evening Cindy, enjoy your pasta!!

  4. Boyd says actually all the time too, and I love it. I love Janey's top. I would wear it for sure! I can see why you all were dancing to that song. It's great. That collage is great too, and you look amazing. I bet it's all those 4 am workouts you've been doing, huh?! Bummer about the photoshoot and the park being closed. Have a great night!

  5. And, I'm very thankful for easy dinners, and ceiling fans. :)

  6. Such happiness going on in your house Cindy- I love it! I Love Janey's shirt too!

  7. I like knowing what you guys are reading! My son read "Holes" on the island and I am trying to get my daughter to read it. Everybody loves "The Hunger Games", but I still haven't read it yet.

    Love the happy song and the happy pictures!

  8. Your day looks happy for sure, and yes I love that song!

    Hope you're doing well with hubby gone....

  9. I love those pics of you all dancing in the kitchen. I remember doing that often when little K was Little. Seems like I need to do more of that - although these days I think she would cringe of embarrassment. not sure I'm liking all that comes with a pre-teen. Rock on mama.

  10. I haven't read that book, but I know of it. It's been made into a movie already!?!? That was my biggest pet peeve as a teacher. All the novels we read they made into movies...that strayed so far from the book.