{Spring Break}

hi there...boy living life sure can get in the way of blogging sometimes huh?:)
well we survived daddy's 5 day absence and headed right into spring break.
let me backtrack a bit to some wonderful moments i want to celebrate and remember.

janey was part of a math team at school.

last thursday they had their competition.
we are so proud of you sweetie.

riley's fourth grade show was last thursday as well.

she was the recorder leader for her class and took her job very seriously.
she didn't miss a beat and performed like a star.
we are so proud of you too sweetie.

i love this photo of janey filming riley on her ipod and aubrey's face when she finally found her in the crowd.
be still my heart...

we are having a pretty laid back spring break this year.
a lot of our neighborhood friends went out of town and although the girls were sad...i think it helped to make the week a little more about each other.
i like that and i think in a way, they do too.

our weather was picture perfect which made for hours of this,

and this,

and this.

we ventured out to a new park when dave was away and fell in love.
we've been back 4 times already.
the sunsets here are amazing.

 {classic aubrey expression}



{still trying to master those action shots;)}

we are looking forward to our last few days of spring break and enjoying every minute of it.
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. the birds chirping in the morning again
2. leaves appearing on my aspen trees
3. mellow time together
4. cinnamon rolls
5. lunch out in the middle of the week


  1. love the new header!!

    And that sounds like my kind of Spring Break. So nice of the weather to cooperate with your plans!

  2. Looks like so much fun and that weather was perfect for your spring break! Scott's away for the next four days... I hate flying solo! Enjoy your weekend. Hope you have some of that yummy hommeade pizza!

  3. ohhh...happy Spring Break! We don't have ours until Easter. It makes for a veryyy long March!

    Love that blue sign behind Janey. And that closeup of Riley is gorgeous!

  4. Happy Spring Break! We still have a couple of weeks before our spring break. Have a great weekend!

  5. hi cindy! we just got back from our vacation - and it's so warm here at home we feel like we're in time warp!! looks like you're enjoying the same warm weather pattern too ... glad it was a nice 'staycation' for you guys :):)

  6. That park does look great and I can see the beautiful sky and sunset. I'm glad you have had a good spring break. The girls watching their older sister is just precious....I love that photo so much. It made me smile! Looks like your weather has been perfect for spring break too. That is awesome. Have a great weekend friend! xo.

  7. Hi Cindy! Oh I always love to see what you guys have been up to, you always have a fun post to share. Look at little Aubrey, she is growing up and I love how they love each other so much :)
    What a fun week you had together. Happy Spring to you, enjoy your days outside xo

  8. Action shots at dusk are so hard! Let me know if you find the trick! New parks are the beat and I am amazed to see swimsuits on the girls! Summer is close!

  9. What a wonderful spring break. You have been making the most of a beautiful week.

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  11. Sorry I missed this post Cindy! Looks like you guys are having a good old fashioned fun! We don't have our spring break until Easter...well actually the kids only get a couple of days off. :(

  12. Sorry I missed this post Cindy! Looks like you guys are having a good old fashioned fun! We don't have our spring break until Easter...well actually the kids only get a couple of days off. :(

  13. Life SHOULD get in the way of blogging! And it looks like you are living a wonderful one!!!!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  14. Can't even believe you are in swimsuits... some days I have to wonder what we are thinking living where we do. We are having an Easter break here and will be enjoying a little Hawaii time. I think its the only way we survive living where we do.