{Easter in Maryland}

we visited my brother and his family in maryland for Easter this year.
it was a pretty uneventful 12 hour car ride i must say.
and that's a good thing.

we spent our first day together at harpers ferry.
what a great place.
i remember bits and pieces from backpacking the AT (right mom?).
the weather could not have been more gorgeous.

i love little charming streets like this.
could have walked around and shopped all afternoon.

we had lunch and some old fashion candy from the candy shoppe.

we usually only bring our stroller these days to carry all our gear...some little lady never wants to ride in it anymore:(

the back of the tour bus is always soooo much fun:)

our janey is such a little love.
what a big mushy heart.


coloring eggs is even more fun with cousins around.

look at those puffy allergy eyes.
something was bloomin in MD that's for sure.


the girls have been looking forward to visiting this park for months.
they watched all the roller coaster YouTube videos and were determined to give them a try!
they headed to the great bear first.
dave and i walked at a snails pace with "little miss independent i don't want to be in my stroller anymore" while everyone else ran ahead to wait in line.
we had a pretty good view from the bridge.
my babies are in there somewhere!!!:)

when we met them at the exit janey was as white as a ghost!
that was it for her....even the kiddy rides looked too intimidating after that.
but not riley...she was ready for more.

there is riley and michael and emily in the car in front.

freaky high!!!
just remembering looking up at them gives me the willies!:)

off to the more tame rides.
janey loved this one.

this one mostly loved all the food and sugary treats.

dave, riley, jessi and emily braved the storm runner  next.
look how scared riley looks!
but the funny thing is she said she would do it again!

next it was my turn.
i have done a ton of roller coasters in my day...but it's been awhile!
of course the only one left to go on was the rickety wooden one!!!
i think i screamed /laughed the whole time.
riley kept saying..."mom stop screaming!"
i was hoarse after that.

i'm right by the light post.

this day was so much fun for the girls.
we ended it with a visit to chocolate world and dinner at red robin.
it took about 10 minutes for everyone to fall asleep in the car.


that silly Easter bunny hid a million eggs and sent us on a crazy scavenger hunt for our baskets.

meeting to divide the loot

after a scrumptious breakfast we headed to church and then off to one of my favorite spots for pictures. it was kind of chilly so i didn't get as many shots as i wanted to.

what an adorable bunch:)

{thought of you when i saw that sign nicolle!! so wish it had been lunch time!:)}

our visits always go way too fast.
there is so much love and laughter and just as many tears when the time comes to leave.
we love and miss you all so much and can't wait to see you again.
thanks for the memories.

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  1. What a beautiful family and I can certainly see the resemblance between some of the cousins in particuliar Janey and the only boy cousin :)
    What a fun day you all had but boy oh boy, those rides look scary and way too high up for me!!!
    Nice pics Cindy, you look lovely and the pic of you and your husband is a framer!!