{Camping in the Rain}

janey and i did a little camping with the girl scouts this weekend.

this is our second time going on this adventure, and we certainly can't catch a break weather wise!:)
it was rainy and chilly, but not nearly as stormy as last year.

we were able to stay in the platform tents this year instead of the cabins.
can't believe i didn't get a picture of our home away from home....i will blame it on the rainy weather.:)

we did lots of crafts.
roasted marshmallows.
walked in the mud.
splashed in the puddles.
and sang songs by the campfire.

i feel so grateful to be a part of this wonderful group of women.

some of my favorite moments of the trip were the quiet ones with this little sweetie.
snuggling in the tent after we moved our cots next to each other.
walking hand in hand to the bathroom.
reading our song sheets with eyes full of campfire smoke. 
listening to all my babies sweet loving words.

thanks for sharing this little adventure with me janey.
i love you so very much!
can't wait till next year....maybe the sun will shine!!:)


on a completely different note...goodness i can't seem to get my blogging act together!
oh how i want to be a blogger who posts every day...i do post every day...kind of...the fact is it never seems to make it out of my head and onto the screen:) i love looking back on the daily happenings of our lives, i just can't seem to find the balance between being present in the happenings and recording them. i have struggled with this for awhile now. i think it might go back to aubrey dropping that morning nap!!!:)  that hour and a half i have on my own during the day is just so crammed packed. i can't seem to fit "it all" in. i won't even bother to write the "it all" down...cause i know you know!!:) what i really need is a personal assistant....know anyone??!!;)

ok...that felt good...thanks for listening to me vent, and i know you can relate and that feels good too.
i will keep on keepin on...trying to find the ever elusive balance between living the life well and recording it. i know i will have lots more time when a certain blonde beauty heads off to preschool....but don't even get me started on that!

have a happy day friends,
i've missed you!

{thankful for}
1. you...you keep coming back to read..thanks for that!
2. warm fleece and rain gear
3. my mom, she rocks
4. salads for lunch
5. a homemade bouquet of flowers on the windowsill


  1. I have missed you too Cindy, I was beginning to wonder if you guys were ok but then thought, you know what, I bet she's busy living life with her beautiful family! We knew you'd be back at some point.
    I wish I could experience a wonderful camp like that, it looks so good! Great quality time with Janey no doubt :)
    And if it is any consolation, my recent post is all about how I feel like I can't keep up with everything, and how I am far from perfect. So you're not alone in feeling overwhelmed! :)
    Have a great week my friend xo

  2. love the GS adventure - so special, talk about great lifetime memories!!

    and re: blog balance ... i've always been in e.x.a.c.t.l.y. the same boat - and it seems more so than ever this past school year - I just CANNOT find a balance ... oh, sister, I sooooo get you on this!!

  3. Happy you are back! I really need a personal assistant as well. Life is always crazy. I really enjoy the breaks the kids have from school because I feel like I am able to get caught up on life.

    Girl Scout camp is always fun. My older daughter did not want to be in Girl Scouts this year so we will not be going to summer camp :(
    Enjoy your day!

  4. Hi Cindy,

    I know the feeling... we all do. It's so hard to live and record it all. Family comes first and you're doing the right thing. I blog everyday in my head too. I have the ideas.. they just never make it on the computer :) Just post when you can; and don't think another second about it!

    Camping looks sweet. Another wonderful memory with your girl!

    Preschool... yikes! Don't even let your mind go there!

    Happy Tuesday Cindy, tara

  5. Hi Cindy! Glad to hear from you! :) I am in that same big boat too! So much going on and not much time to blog about it! And, that's okay...I think it means we have our priorities in order.
    That first picture of you and Janey is so sweet! What a fun outing. Next year it will be sunny...because it can't rain 3 years in a row! ;)

  6. Don't mention school with these little girls. I can't face it.

  7. I love the camping pictures. I'm so glad it was a great time for you and Janey. Reading your words just touched my heart.

    I have some fun memories from my childhood of girl scout camp. One time we got in big trouble for doing something at camp we weren't supposed to do, but now I can't remember exactly what happened. I just remember we were bad. :)

    You can vent anytime, and I get it too, about the whole blogging thing. I love recording memories, but even like today, why do I need to take my camera with me everywhere. I feel addicted to it, but then sometimes I want to step back and just have memories in my head. I feel like I miss A LOT b/c I'm not as present in the moment as I should be.


  8. Cindy, I know and understand exactly what you are saying about wanting to post about our daily lives and wanting to live them as well! In fact, that is why I only lasted about a month with my blog last year!( thank you for your posts welcoming me!) So props to you for hanging on! I too think I will begin again in earnest when my little blond goes to school, although I hope those 3 years pass very, very, very slowly! I do enjoy your blog and your beautiful family, so know your hard work is appreciated!

  9. Good to see you back! Looks like camping was a blast and you all had fun! Have a wonderful week!


  10. Camp Widjiwagan, huh? That reminds me of Camp Telogia. I drive by it and think of our old camping days all the time!