{A Buncha Stuff}

hi friends!
today is a happy, happy, double happy kind of day!
our weather is glorious and i do mean G.L.O.R.I.O.U.S.!
the windows are open and the breeze is a blowin.

janey loves to bake.

she wanted me to film her like she was doing a cooking show for food tv.
wonder where she gets that idea from??:)

please bare with me and this outrageously large amount of sometimes unrelated outdoor photos;)

today aubrey and i had a pretty simple day together.
we got our "chores" done right after drop-off.
today we did the floors, then vacuumed off the window sills.
window open kind of weather will motivate you to get that chore done for sure.
thinking of aubrey and  windows open reminds me of this old post and this one too.
***oh be still my heart***

later we headed to the consignment shop to drop off some things.
i brought in all my old maternity clothes too.:(:(:(
i kept my favorite shirt for my memory box.
sad day for sure, but i'm trying not to think about it too much.
life is good
way beyond good!

after the consignment shop we had to rush to get janey for a dentist apt.
not enough time to get home for lunch so aubrey and i had a car picnic instead.
we shared a cheeseburger and fries and sat in our favorite park by the lake.
i told her that during car picnics she gets to eat and play in the car.
it was so beautiful i wish we had time to get out and really play, but the thought of cajoling that little sweetie back into her car seat after those few moments of freedom in the grass didn't sound very fun.

you know what i would like to invent?
some kind of barrier you can fit in the car that surrounds their car seat and prevents them from escaping to the back of the van whenever they climb in! what do you think? would you buy one???:)

this little one loves to tumble.
and the tramp is a perfect place to practice.

this picture cracks me up!
aubrey kept asking to play with the hose, but it was still a bit chilly for that.
i turn around and she is struggling to yank it free and turn it on.
should have heard the sound effects too.

speaking of cracking me up...this morning she calls from her crib..."mom....mom....i beg for you to get me....i beg for you to get me!!" later this evening she said, "mom....mom....aubrey's calling you!"

i think aubrey got bummed here and honestly felt left out as these two double jumped without her.:(
she is discovering the power her moods and feelings can have over others.
i ran inside to get waters and found her sitting on the back step staring longingly at the tramp making this face.

she softened a bit when i tried to make her laugh and smile.

so many things to love about this happy, happy day.

hope your day was happy too,

{thankful for}
1. sunshine
2. dinner with a friend
3. a new tricycle for aubrey from the consignment shop....$20...woohoo
4. thai food
5. good music for the soul


  1. My kids would love your great backyard!
    Fun pictures!

  2. Sorry about the maternity clothes Cindy. I remember the day I gave mine away....a sad day indeed. I know you know how blessed you are and all that....but just wanted to say you have such a beautiful family.
    Your pictures are really realy good too!

  3. Bittersweet moments, Cindy! Who knows what the future holds, but I'm sure that was a difficult step!

    Glad you were able to see the happiness all around you though!

    And yes, there is nothing like wrestling a toddler into their seats. Altough I have always been happy that I live in the car seat age! I can't imagine trying to drive with little bodies flying any which way!

  4. I always love your thankful lists at the end! Love all of your pictures. Beautiful weather days + open windows are the best kind of days. Definitely bittersweet about your maternity clothes. Hugs to you! Those moments are so hard, so tender. You are so right though, life is so very good, and there is so much to love and be happy about. xoxo.

  5. i cried and cried and cried when I had to finally purge the maternity, the nursery, etc ... oh how i longed for another! balancing my gratitude with my wants/longing has always been a tough line for me ... and indeed, just like you, i am greatly blessed!! love this happy happy post, friend :):)

  6. I don't know which picture was the best because they were all so very good!! Your girls are gorgeous, I love checking in with you guys :)
    You have the most beautiful home and backyard I have ever seen, it is so big too and who wouldn't want to play out there?
    Poor little Aubrey and that cute little face, hard not to smile at that :)
    Sounds like Spring is kicking in for you all, I hope you get to enjoy many more days like this one!

  7. I love the outside happiness. And the faces Aubrey makes! Adorable!

    Cleaning out the maternity clothes... not fun. Brings out so many emotions doesn't it? I know how you feel. I think that's why I kept Abigail in the crib til her 4th birthday! Sounds like you have a good, happy attitude about it though. Good for you. Life sure is good.