{Weekend Glimpses}

happy monday.
was it a good weekend for you?
we had a full one but a happy one, with just enough relaxation thrown in to make it awesome.

saturday was filled with soccer, soccer and more soccer.
dave and riley headed to their first tournament double header bright and early.
aubrey, janey and i tagged along a bit later.
it was cold and windy.
but nothing a warm blanket, juice box and lots of snacks couldn't handle.
riley played well and is really improving with each game.

i got a few hours alone in the afternoon and it really felt good.
tried on all kinds of shoes...but bought none.
sadly that is just the way it goes for me.:(
but i guess it really is better to be a shopper then a buyer!:)

saturday evening was just perfect.
pandora playing (mat kearney station...love him!)
mcdonalds fountain coke
and pizza in the oven.

bbq chicken...my all time fav!

janey had a birthday party that evening.
she came back looking all dolled up and gorgeous.

and thankfully for little sisters, she doesn't mind sharing her party loot.

remember those amazing bubbles?
well some independent little one got a bit over zealous with the pouring.
we need a new jug now.

sunday morning dave and riley headed out for another early, early game and the three of us decided to stay home and snuggle.
i really do love when we are all together, but there is something special about just one big sister here to love on aubrey. they both just soak up all the attention and cuddles.

aubrey finally got to try out her new tricycle sunday evening.
the big girls were so funny...we didn't give it to her thursday and friday because of our weather, then over the weekend, we had to try and find a time when aubrey wasn't sleeping and both of them were home. they were so excited for her and couldn't wait to see her excitement. they walked her out to the garage with her eyes closed. you should have heard the squeals...from all three of them!:)
i really love that.

is that perfect bike riding weather or what??
just look at those skies!

dave lucked out with a little flower bed help from this motley weed crew.

i wish they did floors.:)

we finally broke out the snow-cone maker for sunday evening dessert.
do you have one?
oh goodness are they awesome and totally worth it.

janey worked so hard this weekend on her pioneer project.
quite the masterpiece i'd say.
my favorite part was the cupcake liner hat.
she was so proud.

today we had panera and grocery shopped with an extra little tag along.
riley was sad and tired and didn't want to go to school today.
i guess everyone is entitled to at least one mental health day a year.
i think all that soccer and staying up till 9:45 reading might have had something to do with it too...!
her and aubrey are having so much fun together and i think they both needed that too.
they really miss each other during the week.
right now they are playing in their secret hide-out...under my computer desk...little hands are sneaking up here to type as i write!!:)

hope your weekend was wonderful too.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. a new blender for smoothies
2. cozy, cozy blankies (as aubrey calls them)
3. sunshine
4. inspiring music
5. carpool buddies


  1. what a perfect weekend, cindy! love the sunny photos, your weather was so perfectly spring-like ... and i can't get over how leafed out your trees all are - we're right behind you in that dept :) and ps, we had that very same trike not too long ago ... soooooo cute!!!

  2. ps - forgot to mention that those gymboree bubbles really ARE the best - man, we loved those!!!

  3. looks like it was a wonderful family weekend.. thanks for letting us peek into your life; it's sweet!

  4. Wow, what a weekend! The happiness is coming through! That pizza looks amazing, so I am adding that to the menu this week! We have a snow cone maker, but haven't gotten it out in so long! Where do you get the syrup?

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend. We LOVE our snow cone maker!

  6. I had a McD fountain diet coke today. :) I hope they are always $1! That pizza looks amazing. I would love some of it for dinner. All of your pictures are so good Cindy. Your blog always makes me smile. Thank you for that! xo.

  7. Love the pioneer! And all that green grass :)

  8. She did a great job! Lovely pictures =)

  9. I love reading your blog Cindy...so much love going on over here! That pizza looks soooooo good! And your pictures are sooooo good too!

  10. Thank goodness for fountain drinks!!! And time alone to try on shoes? Now that is a good day.

    Do tell about your snow cone machine. My MIL just suggested I get one, suggestions?

  11. Wow...that was very creative of Janey using a cupcake paper for a hat. Love it...

  12. I absolutely love that pioneer project Janey made! When I looked closely I could see it was all hand-made and out of household items, a quick glance and it looks like a bought one!
    It's so nice to hear of sibling love and adoration like your girls have for each other :)
    Oh and you have the prettiest neighbourhood ever!! I'm going to move there. This Friday, so I'll be around for pizza and a movie ;)