the girls and i had such a great morning today.
everyone was rested which meant happy.
there was a field trip to look forward to which meant out the door on time and smiling.
riley worked her magic which meant aubrey got into her car seat lickety split.
oh how i love escaping those little morning time battles.

i usually try to see the girls each week for lunch, but today they wanted to have lunch together.
so i made the mad dash from school to school to collect everyone and we made it with just enough time to spare for a quick drive-thru smoothie/milk shake run.
it was a perfect midday midweek break.
now that our weather is finally warming up, this might happen more often and at our favorite park i think!

i have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the ever growing size of my to-do list lately.
usually i'm pretty good about tackling things one small project at a time. but sometimes they just all build up and it seems everywhere i look their is something to be wrapped up. lose ends and incomplete tasks get to me after awhile.

you know the feeling right?

putting away laundry reminds you of the closet you need to clean out and organize.
a trip to the basement reminds you of the gazillion trillion photos that still need to be printed and put into albums. seeing those albums reminds you of the baby books that have never been completed or even started.

good grief i feel and sound like a page right out of the book if you give a mouse a cookie about now.

little things are pretty easy for me. those i handle well and get accomplished...it's those elusive "big things" that are kicking my mental state to the curb today.

breaking projects into manageable pieces that seem to drag on forever can get to a girl after awhile.

this post from my friend megan helped.
it was just what i needed to hear.

this i do know...little things matter more and big things do get done...eventually!:)

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. sticky notes
2. inspirational music
3. inspirational words
4. a park in our neighborhood
5. an unplanned adventure


  1. hi cindy!! i loved the inspiration so much that i pinned the quote onto one of my pinterest boards - b/c i surely need to be reminded of those words - often!! i too get sooooo weighed down by the bigger things ... sigh ...

    hope you have a wonderful friday today :)

  2. loving your photo skills!

    Ahhh that silly to do list that grows and grows! But that quote goes a long way to tame the ugly beast! I think someday we will get caught up and then we will wish these days back!

  3. Oh I love that... "little things matter and big things do get done, eventually!" Can I frame your quote and put it up on my kitchen windowsil? I mean it! Cindy, I've been feeling so much like that lately. As I'm sitting on the couch watching Little Bear with Abigail (who will only watch it with mommy and wants a snuggle) my mind is filled with to dos... the pictures pile up here too. My well intentioned plans of getting albums caught up just don't happen. But laughter does, and snuggles do, dancing around with little girls do, happiness does. Life is long but childhood is short. They'll be plenty of time later! Have a happy weekend, tara

    PS~ love your lunch idea!

  4. Don't I know this feeling! My adult onset ADD seems to get worse every day :)

  5. Love this post and love your quote...it is so true. Being home with a sick one for over a week I am starting to see my todo list grow. I am trying to "learn" low to slow down and not worry. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Hi friend! I know exactly what you mean about the to do list and how it can be overwhelming. I keep one of things to do today, and another of the big things. Kind of helps me feel more organized and stuff. I admit though, the long term list of the big things hasn't been touched in a while. :) I feel overwhelmed with life, and I only have one little guy to chase after!

    Love your photos here. Hope you have a great weekend. xoxo.

  7. Love these photos! Especially that first one ;-)

  8. Oh I am so there with you Cindy, we can feel overwhelmed together ;)
    I always have a to do list, it's actually a never-ending list because once you finish one part of the house you have to move on to the next and then continue going in circles!
    So you can actually pick your girls up from school for their lunch break? We don't do that here but it does sound nice!
    Just remember, the jobs will still be there tomorrow...go and have some fun today!