{Weekend Glimpses #33}

happy monday!
it is storming like crazy outside...great to have free water for the grass...not such a great day to grocery shop with a toddler!:)
anyway, how was your weekend?
we have not had this mellow of a weekend in a loooong time!
i think it had to do with how little soccer we had...but shhhhh don't tell my soccer lovin' crew:)

saturday we had practice in the morning and then janey went horseback riding with her girl scout troop. i didn't go along on this trip so i don't have any pictures, but she had a wonderful time! we have heard lots of stories about "scooter" not being a very good listener and going backwards when she pulled the reins and said "whoa!" funny! i think i might have ridden the same horse before:) horses are beautiful creatures for sure, i love watching them and secretariat is one of my favorite movies, but not such a fan of actually riding one if you know what i mean. janey was a bit nervous too, but overcame her fears and went for it...that i love!

saturday night we had friends over for sno cones and tried to play outside but it was just way too chilly. (i tried not to say cold...it is spring ya know!) we ended up warm inside watching roller coaster videos on youtube. good times i tell ya. we ended the evening with an early bedtime for the girls and mission impossible: ghost protocol for us.:)

sunday we had no soccer. yes you heard that right...NO SOCCER! we should have gotten up and gone to church, but we all needed a good sleep in day. (when i say sleep in you know that means 7 for dave and i right??!!) riley didn't come down till after 9!!! i guess she needed it the most. we had a late breakfast and then went to lowes for paint ideas for riley's 10 year old room re-do. we found the perfect color and she is thrilled!!!

the rest of the day was filled with playing, homework and little to-do's. i even managed one big to-do!! yes, organizing our paperwork into our new filing cabinet downstairs can now be officially crossed off the BIG to-do list! wow that feels good!:) slow and steady right....?

as i was taking the only few pictures of the weekend on sunday evening i said to dave "goodness we do basically the same thing every weekend don't we....he said "ya play with the kids and eat pizza!" are you tired of pizza pics yet???

the girls like to have a pizza picnic and watch one of their favorite backyardigans episodes on pizza night...chichen-itza pizza. i'll spare you the details, but it involves pizza, cheer leading and college fight songs. they love it. (and we love that show too...we have countless discussions  about the different genres of music, which is our fav, and which character appears the most...we have analyzed every episode i think, i can't tell you how much i love my "big girls" watching "little girl" shows!!)

dave made two of my faves this time...can you say "lunch this week??"

when janey had dinner at mcdonalds with her troop on saturday night she saw 2 couples heading in for prom date dinner. she was fascinating by that and "pretended prom" all evening on sunday. daddy was of course her date of choice.

she dressed up in my dresses, had a clip on corsage and all.
funny, funny girl my janey brooke.

see...cheer leading.

riley made the starter for friendship bread with her girl scout troop and sunday we finally got to make the bread. have you ever had it? it really is super yummy but i am secretly ready to have that big ziplock of bubbling fermenting stuff off my kitchen counter!!:) is that wrong?? but i am thankful for a yummy breakfast this morning!

hope you had a wonderful weekend.
maybe you had pizza, danced for prom and shook some pom-poms too?!?!:)

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. creative play
2. the smell of baking bread
3. green grass
4. healthy bodies
5. water


  1. hi cindy - so envious of your mellow family-time weekend, especially the sleeping-in part ;-) and, ps, those pizzas look soooo yummy!! have a wonderful monday, friend!!

  2. I never get tired of your pizza pics! I have tried the friendship bread and it is so wonderful, but it has been years. I have the starter recipe too, I should add that to our summer list!

    We saw some prom kids this weekend and we got a lot of questions about it. I love that your girls play so much and watch 'the Backyardigans' - best music ever!

  3. Hi Cindy! I know exactly what you mean about that cinnamon friendship bread... we love it but I can't stand having things like that on my kitchen counter. I did come across a recipie for it without the wait! It is delicious! Just let me know and I can get it to you! It is a favorite in our house, along with chocolate chip pumpkin bread. I love baking breads like that and having breakfast all ready the next morning!

  4. It looks like an awesome weekend!

  5. My counter also has a bag of that stuff fermenting on the counter as we speak. It reminds me of a hilarious post Tucker wrote about Amish friendship bread. Here's the link: http://tuckercdenton.blogspot.com/2010/11/real-story-behind-first-batch-of-amish.html

    guaranteed to crack you up!

  6. Hi there Cindy, we had pizza too but not that picnic kind. That looks like fun! Do you have any of the recipies on your blog of Dave's pizza? I'm always looking for a new pizza recipe for us.

    Enjoy Monday,tara

  7. No. I will never be tired of your pizza posts. one of these days I want to come over and have a slice with you and your sweet girls.

    PS...thank you so much for your sweet comment on my photo class project. You made my day! :)

  8. I love your pizza pictures...they always look so yummy!
    Looks like my kind of weekend!
    Have a great week!

  9. I never get tired of your pizza pictures! And, we know that episode of The Backyardigans very well. :) In fact I think we just saw it the other day. That show makes me laugh and I get up and dance and it makes Boyd crazy. He always tells me to stop. Their names and their dance moves crack me up. I know WAY too much about that show.

    Sweet pictures here as always. I love seeing all of the smiling faces in your house.


  10. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Sometimes I feel we never get a chance to stay home! LOl Enjoy your week.


  11. We are starting to slow down a bit. Eldest was just hired for her first job, and Middlest finished volleyball season. Piano is almost over for youngest but she starts Soccer. I love your pizza picnic idea. We never do anything fun like that. My girls would be all over the prom peek.
    Have a great week.