{Look What I Got!}

isn't she pretty!!:)
i know this is really a little (big) thing but it sure is making me happy.
funny when i was talking to the guy about what "size" to get...he asked what i was going to be doing with the phone....music...videos...surfing....i said really all i want it for is the camera!!!;) i'm sure it's not the only time he has heard that one.

i got a purple case and a nifty holster thing that clips to my pants.
feel totally weird in that...like i'm trying to "look" important or something:0 but there are lots of times i am out and about without a purse and this baby is just too big and awesome for my back pocket.

speaking of cases...have you seen these??
totally adorable, but not too sure how they would fit in that holster thingy?!?!

so...what apps do you love?
so far i have instagram and that's it.
please share...

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. my new iPhone (can i use that one again??)
2. health insurance
3. mrs. meyers lavender
4. left-over pizza for lunch
5. fresh salsa for dinner


  1. congratulations on the new phone :) i get manbug's hand-me-down iphones every time a new one comes out and i've been lusting for one of these super preppy (but $$) cases:


    ... sailboat and crab are especially cute!! i always joke that for me, i use the iphone for about 10% of what it can actually DO ... all i need is to make calls, take photos, and play music and i'm happy ;-)

    Enjoy it, friend!!

  2. Yes I told the guy at the Sprint store that mainly I just wanted Instagram. :)

    I'm glad you got the phone. I just bought a cheap cover at Walmart for mine. That link you shared had some really cute covers though.

    Search the apps for free kids apps. Boyd likes to do one that has a puzzle. And ABC letter tracing. I use Instagram and Pic Stitch, which makes collages. All free.


  3. That's great Cindy!
    You're new toy :)
    I will look for you on Instagram if you msg me you username :)

  4. My favorite apps are ...
    Netflix (if you have a subscription)
    MapQuest (it talks to you!)
    Google Earth
    Skyview (the kids and i love this app)
    Angry Birds (many hours wasted)
    Instagram is the best though
    Device Locator (necessary if you lose your phone)

    Enjoy your new toy!!

  5. I am addicted to my phone.
    never thought it would happen! but it never leaves my side!! :) have fun!!

  6. congrats... my cell is so old it's funny! Have fun figuring it all out!