{The Museum}

aubrey and i went to the children's museum with our friends last friday.
this place is amazing and we are so blessed to have it relatively close by.
we hadn't been in years and it was the perfect way to spend the day.

water table fun

the girls loved shopping for food in the store and cooking up yummy things in the bakery.

say "ahh"

we were both surprised how brave these two were.
they headed into the giant climbing structure without any worries.
we, on the other hand, were a bit worried we might have to head in after them if they got stuck!:)

this area had them both in a fit of giggles

who knew a little air could be so fun

our little readers loved this cozy place

paint and water...what else could you want?

thank you for the perfect day of fun.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. washable paint
2. jumbo organic raisins
3. a clean desk
4. low humidity
5. the birds chirping outside my window


  1. Looks like the curb is fun too! :) What a neat place...and probably even more fun when shared with a friend!

  2. We love a good children's museum!!

  3. wow, cindy, this museum looks amazing - that climbing structure looks like the one in boston's children's museum ... ours goes up the entire 3 stories in a wavy, tangled mess - so cool :)

    i see i missed a couple of posts - i just signed up for instagram myself in an effort to keep tabs on my 7th grader - for the middle school set, instagram is somewhat like a "pre-facebook" for them, they're constantly checking news feeds, commenting, and posting - time for a little monitoring - sigh, it never ends!!

  4. Oh I wanna go there to play! I miss this kind of thing! So fun!

  5. Hey Cindy!
    That day out looks amazing, what an awesome place you took Aubrey to :)
    I love how you have done your pictures too, they look really great!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family celebrating Mother's Day xo

  6. Cindy, that looks like soooo much fun! What a cool children's museum you have near you! Looks like such a perfect Friday! Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother's Day! tara

  7. Sweet pictures! Your collages are always so great. I especially love that last picture. On your thankful list.....low humidity sounds like a dream ! :)