{Insta-gram Friday Week One}

so excited to finally get to participate in this fun little weekly recap.
here is a tiny peek at our week
insta-gram style

 my first official shot after a quick tutorial at my friend jodi's house.
my cutie pie subject makes it kind of fun too.

 our youngest little princess is beginning to discover dress up

 janey has moved on to dressing up in my clothes:)

 we had a rainy tuesday here but it didn't keep us from the library.
letting aubrey play in the car a bit after our mad dash through the raindrops was the only way to make a sad "but i wanted to walk" two year old happy,:)
 someone else likes insta-gram too

 on our way to dance class

rain rain go away

me time

smile daddy

these tacos are not from a fancy restaurant!!
dave made them the other night and they were THE BEST tacos i have ever had in my life.
grilled chicken
homemade salsa
cilantro and lime
it's doesn't get any better in my book

just me

and still holding my hand


mommy has some catching up to do

have a happy day,

head on over for some more insta-gram moments

{thankful for}
1. a newly organized over the desk cabinet
2. empty laundry baskets
3. clean towels
4. kiwis
5. the sun is shining


  1. Hey Cindy! So glad you are enjoying Instagram on your new phone!
    I love all the pics but my absolute fave is little Aubrey looking out the window to the rain outside (I think it's the one at home) anyhow, have fun with it!!
    And have a wonderful weekend xo

  2. Those tacos look great! Don't you love the $1 McDonald drinks?
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Those tacos DO look great!! And, I LOVE love & logic. Truly. one of my favorite parenting books ever. :)

  4. Do you know what I was thinking as I read this Cindy - I was thinking - what a happy & great life you have -
    Love all of the pics - even the mcdon cup!
    I can not figure out instagram! I downloaded it on my phone and that is as far as I got!
    Hugs & have a pretty day!

  5. I have the Love and Logic book. Megan recommended it to me and it's great. The tacos look good! I love all the pictures.

    Ok, so did I just totally read your text wrong earlier? I must have. You are on Instagram? I'm confused now. ha. Maybe I'm just tired.

  6. So much goodness! Did you get a new phone? The instagram pictures look so fun, I am jealous! I am also seriously jealous of those tacos! Love & Logic is such a great book...I loaned mine out years ago and never got it back.

  7. Just saw your email. :)
    I know what you are saying about IG.
    I do love that the pics load right to your phone camera roll too.
    Enjoy it! It's fun. You are taking some great pics with your new phone.

    have a great day!