when the cats away...the mice will play!

since mommy has been in florida for the past several days, we decided to hijack her blog and make a post!  i've never done this before so please excuse my inexperience.

the girls were quite sad when mommy left so what better lunch to dry up those tears than popsicles.

there, now that's better.

the rest of the day we swam and made everything and sesame seed bagels.  i can't wait to make them for cin.

thursday morning i had to stop by the plant to analyze a few critical samples.  to encourage the girls to come along, i bribed them with a trip by the cupcake place which happens to be just down the road from work.  that was easy.

from top left clockwise:  chocolate chip cookie dough, lemon drop, salted caramel and hippo ring

i have to go in again tomorrow so i'm not sure what the bribe will be.

janey and aubrey love the backyardagains "fisher lady" episode.  they like to act the shows out so we made fishing poles, created a blue lake and added fish to catch while they watched. 

here they are with the whoppers they caught!

i wasn't up for kraft macaroni and cheese for dinner so i opted for the big, nasty cheeseburger that ends up all over your face and running down your arm after the first bite.  the only thing missing was a tomato slice.

sorry there is no post bite photo as i was in it to win it!

friday riley had a movie night at a friends house so janey and i had to cheer on the miami heat by ourselves while aubrey was sleeping.  mommy did her best from south florida.  since they won, her presence must have helped.  you may have to plan your trip next year for june again babe!

ahh yes, the kids are finally in bed.  all of this mr. mom stuff is making me a bit hormonal.  this should do the trick!

saturday morning we went to the movies and saw brave.  it was a bit much for aubrey considerring it was her first movie.  she'll stay home with me next time when mommy takes the big girls to see it with her.

keeping with tradition, we made pizza for dinner saturday night.  we made the usual bread sticks for janey, 1/2 cheese / 1/2 pepperoni for riley and aubrey and spicy italian sausage for me.

our neighbor brought some garlic scape pesto and marinated tomatoes by the other day so they ended up on a pizza with mozzerella, parmesan, ricotta and red pepper flakes.

this was a breath killer for sure but was extremely tasty!

sunday is finally here!  mommy comes home tonight!  we started with a nutritional breakfast at dunkin donuts and ran a few errands.  the girls swam in the blow up pool while i straightened up the house to create the illusion it was never messy.

i forgot we need to make another batch of bagels!  i'm sure i'll have some help since all three of my lil beauties love to cook!

my littlest baker was sleeping so she could not help.

after dinner, the girls suprised me with a special ballet performance.  it was beautiful!

i hope you enjoyed the recap of the last few days.

okay, better take a break from blogging.  i have to finish my housework.  i can't leave for my trip tomorrow and leave mommy with a messy house.  we miss you mommy!  you do so much around here that becomes very apparent when you are not around to do it.  we're a great team and i've missed you but you certainly deserved the break.  the girls have missed you tremendously as well.

safe travels, babe!
love you!



  1. That is one of the sweetest posts I've ever read. Dave, you did an awesome job on the blog! :) The pizzas looks amazing as always. I laughed about Mr. Mom and being hormonal. I feel like a hormonal mom every single day. Cindy is one lucky gal, and I can tell your girls had a great time the last few days. I'm sure Cindy will be laughing and smiling when she reads this. :)

  2. Hi Dave!
    You make all of us moms out here in blogland envious of your awesome husband cooking skills! And now, taking over the blog like it's a piece of cake! That Cindy is one lucky lady!
    I hope Cindy had a blast with her friends...I'm sure knowing everything was fine on the homefront made it all the more easier to be away.

  3. Hi i loved your post so much dave

  4. The pizza looks awedome like always i wish i could come have dinner at your house.I loved the fishing polls so creative

  5. Great job the girls must of been so happy with the fishing polls i loved aubreys whoppers!!!!!:)

  6. Dave,you did a great job keeping the girls happy. Cindy must of liked the post as much as i did.I mostly liked the bagels.mmmmmm im in bagel world. The pizza looks as good as always

  7. Looks like the girls are in good hands and eating well!

  8. Hi Dave, just have to tell you what a great job you did on your weekend and on the blog post! How nice that Cindy went away for the weekend and that you and the girls had so many special moments together. We have always known you are an amazing cook, but bagels...seriously?! Wow! And I think you need to do a guest post on your pizza!
    Enjoy your reunion with Cindy and thanks for sharing your awesome weekend with us!

  9. Dave you are hilarious, I loved your post in Cindy's absence! You certainly kept the girls entertained (and fed) and I am sure they loved every minute (and bite) of it :)
    What a great idea hijacking the blog, it was fun to read!!

  10. so so soooo sweet - I love this!! what a fun time you had as mr. mom, Dave - and to document it all too?! Nice job!! Cindy, this guy's a keeper for sure ;-)

  11. No wonder kiddos love it there. Food, fun, play and company are kids best friends.
    Ed Butowsky

  12. best.post.ever. and you need to post that bagel recipe. they look professional!!!

  13. Hi Cindy! Miss you! Just wanted you to know I am back to blogging. Hope you can stop by!

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