{See Ya...}

...i'm florida bound...
my bags are packed.
my boarding passes are printed.
i have a carry-on filled with magazines and snacks.
i think i'm ready.
i'm off to visit these lovely ladies and to have a bit of fun and relaxation.

we are hoping to see this
eat here, here, and definitely here :)
spend a day at this place.
maybe shop here and definitely here.
the laundry is done.
the house is cleaned and surprise love notes are written.
i think i've covered all my bases.
excited but still nervous.
i love to visit but i hate to leave my little (and big) sweeties.
i know they will have a blast without me and probably not even notice i'm gone.:)

have a happy day and
wish me luck and sunshine,

{thankful for}
1. a hubby who is more then capable of holding down the fort when i'm gone
2. good friends
3. vitamin water
4. computer check-in
5. good music played loudly:)


  1. Just catching up with my favorite people...hope you have a great trip! Enjoy the time away! It is hard to miss our families, but I think the time away makes us such better wives and mommies. Have fun Cindy!

  2. have a great trip Cindy!!!

  3. Enjoy your girls' trip. Have lots and lots of fun! Eat lots of Chick Fil A. :))

    I know it's hard to leave your sweet family, but it's so nice to have a breather, and spend time with good friends.

    Enjoy every minute.

  4. soooo close to my old stomping grounds, i'm so envious - have a wonderful time, cindy!!

  5. Have a great trip. Its always hard to leave but such a nice thing to have a break. Enjoy yourself.

  6. Hope you had a great time away Cindy!! Do you go to Florida every year? I vaguely remember you going before, please don't tell me that was a whole year ago!!?
    Sounds like your husband had everything under control ;)