{A Big Day}

i had the weirdest day today.
the whole day i was filled with dread and complete antsy restlessness waiting till 4:30 to find out who our teachers would be...
i could not stay focused on a thing.
i know me...and the dreary weather had a lot to do with it too.

things did not go exactly the way i had hoped and planned they would.
not dreadful by any means....just not exactly what i had planned.
for the planner in me, this is a hard thing.
for the teacher in me this is a harder thing.

i was so proud of my girls for looking for the positives.
especially when i felt anything but positive.
and oddly enough that made me even sadder.
how silly is that.

{silly unrelated side note...we got bangs ...

so i dropped the girls at home, drove to mcd's for my pizza night coke,
had a good cry,
listened to my teacher friend lisa explain the benefits of having things not always go as planned to build children's character and well-roundedness (all of which i know in my head of course) and i suddenly began to feel better.

...and layers...don't we look grown up}

a weight was lifted and i knew things were going to be ok.
just like that...
i told you this was a weird day!

so we are grabbing our remaining week of summer with both hands and holding on tight.
it's gonna be a good one.


the girls walked around the house this morning snapping pictures with my big camera.
i think they have given that baby more of a work-out then i have lately.
see how motivating those girls can be!!:)

oh how i love them.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. answered prayers
2. words of wisdom
3. rain for our grass
4. positive outlooks
5. pizza night


  1. Oh Cindy! This sounds just like me! I too am a planner and I too was a teacher! I am glad you had a good friend there to share your concerns with. Aren't good friends the best? Enjoy your remaining time with the girls...and love their new back to school hair! Have a great day!

  2. I am sure everything will work out just fine :) Your children seem like smart girls. You are only human for worrying, it's what us mother's do :)
    Hope tomorrow is a better day and such cute pics btw xo

  3. Hugs! I read this last night on my phone, and I woke up thinking about you. I'm sorry it was a hard day for you. I've had good cries in the McDonald's parking lot too. I know it's not even the same, but if something happens that disappoints Boyd, I try so hard to make it up to him, but something in the back of my head always tells me that it's a great lesson for him too. That things don't always go exactly how he wants. However, as moms, I think we always want to give our kids the best. I'm sorry about your day, but I think you turned it around and looked on the bright side in the end.

    I hope your fountain coke and pizza night made it all ok!!


    ps. Thanks for your sweet blog comment yesterday. Love you back, and your blog!

  4. Oh Cindy...I was right there with you yesterday, I felt like reality, namely school came crashing in on us yesterday and I was so not ready to meet it! Glad you are seeing the bright side and will be praying that it all works out. It usually does! or at least it works out like HE intended it to from the beginning!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  5. Last Thursday we found out who our teachers were as well and I was the same way all day. Last year I was in the same place you are. I cried once we got home and then talked with some friends and did a lot of praying...the year worked out fine.

    Love the pictures your girls took. :)

  6. I can so relate Cindy...I'm sorry things didn't turn out the way you had planned/hoped. Isn't it amazing though what we can learn from our kids? They're more resilient than we give them credit for. I worried myelf silly towards the end of the school year (we find out on the last day of school what teacher we have next year) about what teacher Brady would get. He had a 50/50 shot. We both know it's a long school year...and we just want the best for our kids. Brady didn't know I was worried...and the day before he found out who he would get he said, "if I get mrs. so and so...I will be okay....I think it will be a good challenge for me." I couldn't believe it. All that worrying I had done thinking he wouldn't be able to handle a teacher like that and he knew he would be fine. I think your friend is right....there are big lessons to be learned when things don't always go our way. Ok, biggest comment ever left! :)

  7. Oh Cindy, My heart aches for you because your were 'mom worried' and sad. I know how you're feeling. And I know you know good things happen with the teachers we least expect to be a good influence in our children's lives. Oh course I wish your girls 'got' who you wanted for them. The school day is long and the year is long so I know you want someone kind, nuturing, and a great teacher too. Maybe, just maybe they'll end up being a good match. So sorry for your sad day Cindy... hugs! ps... what are you and the girls doing during your last week of summer? Looking for inspiration!

  8. Oh friend, I feel for you. And I've been right there with you. There is just something so melancholy about our kids going back to school. I pray all summer for just the right fit for them, but when those class lists go up and the realization that they are another year older in a new setting, it just bums me out. My stomach hurts just thinking about my kids doing it next week. Is it too late to homeschool??!! But then look at those faces. Those are happy faces. I am glad that the feelings are settling and that you are doing okay. Enjoy every last minute of your summer!