{Another Big Day}

our school district has a big celebration a few days before school to welcome everyone back and get us excited about the year ahead. we love getting to see our previous teachers and reminisce a bit. so, after a morning of panera, summer check-ups and the library, the time had come for us to finally meet our teachers.

i think i might have been more nervous then they were.:)

everything went well and after simple introductions and chit chat about summer activities, the girls were all smiles.

we came.
we met.

we all feel better.

now let's have some fun!!!

and we couldn't resist one little peek into our new classrooms...

we know it's gonna be a great year!!

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. smiling people
2. old friends
3. mint chocolate chip ice cream
4. lists
5. pretty new pens


  1. What a great day, Cindy! So happy for all of you...And I love that picture of you! One happy mom!

  2. I had a comment all written on last post, but then the computer wigged out and wouldn't post it.
    I'm glad that you're getting a better vibe about things. School is a week old around here, and I can tell you that many of my fears for this year haven't surfaced yet. Maybe much of your worry will be for naught. Glad you guys had a great welcome back party. What a great idea.

  3. I love this idea! Looks like everyone had a fun time!

  4. do ya know... i love that happy, smiling picture of you! Glad you're able to see things in a positive way. I'm sure it'll be a great year for your girls! Love that your school has some fun back to schoolness. Looks great!

    I have no idea how to change anything on blogger settings and my 'computer guy' (aka scott) :) is away for two nights for work so I'll have to ask him when he gets home on friday for sure. Didn't know I could reply. I'll change that and let ya know!

    Enjoy your week with the girls! love, tara

  5. Such sweet pictures of all of you. How neat that they have this back to school celebration. It looks like it eased some worries for all of you, which makes me smile. Love your thankful list at the end, as always! ;)

  6. I know I already posted but I just scrolled down and saw the picture of Aubrey with her snowcone... precious and I love the looking down shot you took!