{The Park, The Pool and Purple Cows}

it was a wonderful wednesday.
we played at the park with our dear sweet friends angela and brooke.
angela is due any day and we can't wait to get our hands on that precious newborn baby girl.
no pictures to show for it...but the memories are there.:)

then we went on a spur of the moment trip to the pool with our neighbors, carpool buddies and besties.

these two crack us up:)

we ended the day with purple cows,

thanks for the inspiration mimi

and some good ol' fashioned girly giggles too.

it was a wonderful wednesday.


now as soon as dave gets home from his soccer meeting i'm hitting the sofa with my mug of breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream and reruns of frasier...i'm whooped!:)

have a happy night,

just in case you'd like a purple cow someday too...
just fill a fancy glass with vanilla ice cream
pour in some grape juice and


  1. I think my kids would love a purple cow!

  2. Loooks like a great day! And love the purple cow idea!Thanks, Cindy!

  3. The park, the pool and ice cream all in one day...yep, sounds like a great summer day! :)
    Not so sure about the grape juice and vanilla ice cream...I think I'll just take your word for it! ;)

  4. Purple cows sound yummy. What a neat idea, and so different.

    Your day sounds fantastic. Those are the best days, and even though you are so tired at the end, it's the best kind of tired. Great pictures of your fun day!

  5. Love love those straw silly pictures! Any my you sure are making up for lost time... I'm impressed. When do you blog? Early in the am? I'm looking for a new cleaning/blogging/cooking/errands routine... feeling like I get a bunch of nothing done all day! Anyway, gotta try those purple cows!