{Something New}

it came...

 we love it

and we're ready!
third grade here we come!!:)

have a happy day,


  1. Super cute...the backback AND Janey! I think I'd like a lunch box in those pretty colors too!
    BTW, 3rd grade is a great year, itsn't it?!

  2. What a cute bag! I can tell she is loving it. I love her bangs too. I don't think I commented the other day on how cute all of the girls' haircuts are.

    Boyd has a $5 camo backpack from Wmart. I'm trying to do it the inexpensive route, because I know one day he will want something a bit better. :)

    Enjoy your day.

  3. Oh my.... look at those sparkling eyes in that first picture! Your little third grader looks ready to go!!! Love the new backpack Janey!

  4. Thanks for saying hello on my blog!

    I read through a few of yours and your girls are too cute!

    I love this backpack, and it just made me realize that is still one thing that I have not bought for Maddox's pre-k!

    It is our first time for school so this is all new to us!

    Your pictures are great too... I need to get my camera back out and let off the iphone for a while! (but it is too easy!)

    Thanks for swinging by, I can't wait to follow you more! :)

  5. Cute girl - and cute backpack! I love shopping for school stuff. A new backpack is such a treat!