{I Scream, You Scream}

we all scream
for ice cream...

...for dinner.:)

***riley's favorite summer memories***
pool with friends
reading books
the library
ice cream for dinner
seeing family
pen pal letters

***janey's favorite summer memories***
pen pals
getting a new backpack
seeing family
sunset park
snuggling with mama
special desserts and smoothies

***aubrey's favorite summer memories***
all of it:)

today was our last day of summer. it was rainy, gray and dreary which usually is the type of day that drives me crazy and ruins my mood. but honestly, today it was perfect! we all enjoyed the quiet and the staying put feeling that torrential downpours and gusty winds can bring.

this has been our best summer yet. i know i say that every summer and i guess that is a good thing. we had a great mix of jam packed time away and quiet time at home. we were bored and busy. alone and together. and i loved every minute of it.  now that's not to say that every minute was smiles and laughter. we had our share of crabby mornings and cranky afternoons. days when i just needed an alone trip to target to keep my sanity. but we still connected and bonded and that is so important to me. 

our summers are going to change and look different the older the girls get so i am trying to hold onto them with both hands...practice just being and enjoying them while i can.

tomorrow it all begins. another grade older. new routines. new friends. new schedules. it's all good and exciting, but i'm not looking forward to the "driving the bus" mentality that us mamas have to get into once school is back in session. could it be possible to keep some of this laid back way of being and enjoying and carry it into the school year? i hope so, and i'm sure gonna try.

hope your last few days of summer are the best yet.
have a happy night,

{thankful for}
1. cute clipart and fonts for school supply labels
2. a box of printed photos ready for albums
3. checked off things on my to-do list
4. no lunch boxes to pack...yet!
5. a quiet day


  1. I love your summer memories. Just today while missing the kids I thought how wonderful our summer was this year. I have been thinking of starting a summer vacations scrapbook each year and I love the idea of asking each child what their favorite memory of the summer is.

  2. ice cream for dinner... I'm coming over!!! I love what you said about your summer. Honest and wonderful all at the same time! So tomorrow is your girls first day? I'm hoping its a wonderful one for them! Thanks Cindy for your generous and kind comments on my blog today. It really touched me. Thank you so much for being a good friend though we've never met. Here's to hoping that you can keep a bit of your laid back days with you as you jump into a new school year. love, tara

  3. Love this, Cindy! I love the idea of summer memories. And your girls had soo many great ones! Best wishes for a great first day for all of you!

  4. What a cute post Cindy! Love the summer memory question and the pics of each girls sundae. We have another week before the craziness starts. I am always holding on tight too...and feeling weepy about another year going by.