{First Day of School}

i woke up this morning with first day jitters myself. maybe it was the pressure of making scones in the morning.:) i am usually not one for complicated morning breakfasts, but i was really craving them myself so i decided to go for it.

my hat goes off to all you bakers out there. if i had a video of this process you would all be rolling in laughter about now. i only really pretend to be a somewhat decent baker...mostly i just fake it. after i got the dough all pressed out and even on the counter i realized i forgot the chocolate chips! what?? how could that be possible? i didn't want to mix them in because the dough was already getting tough, so i just kind of picked it up and pressed them in to the dough...ridiculous i say! i was actually laughing at myself during the process. at least they tasted good and gave me an early morning chuckle.

i had to take a picture of this because it was so sweet and so riley.

she even made a list of her first day breakfast!
where oh where could she get her list making obsession from???;)

and look at this pile of sweetness.

janey laid her clothes out on the fireplace last night.
oh how i love seeing little girl "clothes people" laying around.

riley made a map for janey showing her how to get from her new classroom to all the important places at school. janey said she would keep it in her backpack in case she got lost.

little miss aubrey decided to sleep in.
we missed her at breakfast.

but thankfully she didn't miss the big first day departure.
don't they both look like they are about to bust out of their skin with excitement..and giggles?:)

i love when almost everyone is crammed into the smallest room in the house at once.

does this happen at your house too?!?!:)

*****riley grace*****
fifth grade
teacher: mrs. "m"

*****janey brooke*****
third grade
teacher: ms. "d"

*****aubrey kate*****
mommy school
teacher: mommy

i was so proud of riley today. she was so kind and understanding of janey's first day at a new school jitters, and jumped right in to ease her mind. it's funny how different sisters can be isn't it? riley relies so much more on her friends for these kind of things...janey relies on her sister. first born/second born dynamic at work i'm sure. as mama's that can be hard too...how much do we want/expect the older one to help the younger one...and how much do we want them to find their own way?

this was a first day surprise too.
riley's third grade teacher retired after that year and janey's teacher took over in the same room.
the girls love that little twist of fate, but today they learned they are sharing the same locker too!:)
they loved that.

i wish i could see that smile from the other side...as a teacher it looks like it would have melted my heart too:)

the big walk out to the playground for morning recess.
they have decided to play together everyday since it is the only recess they will be together.
i just love this picture.
and i love that i got to walk them both in this year!
riley was pretty adamant last year but this year she didn't seem to mind.
i promised her i wouldn't plant a sloppy mom kiss on her or photograph her "obnoxiously" :)
or shout "i love you across the playground". but right before this picture i got an i love you mom of my own.

there is something about walking through the hallways on that first day of school.
all the excitement and anticipation.
it seems like yesterday and i missed it...just a wee bit.
a tiny wee bit!!

aubrey and i dropped daddy off and went in to snuggle and have a late breakfast together.

i can't even go there and think about dropping this one off someday soon...:(

we played calico critters then hopped in the car to pick up the girls. she really didn't have much time to miss them today because the day was so short. i know next week will be different...or maybe not, she will have me all to herself again for a change.:)

riley was out first and kept looking and asking "where's jane??"
at one point she wanted to go back in and look for her.
finally she spotted her.

first day done.
and we're all smiles.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. daughters
2. being included
3. scones
4. it's the weekend
5. cooler weather


  1. Cindy, this is my most favorite post of yours, ever. I can just feel and smell and almost taste the first day of school, from your post. I remember how it felt, and it's been 30 years or so for me, since elementary! :))

    I love how Riley is so sweet and helpful to Janey. I love that you went into the school and captured such sweet photos, and wonderful memories. I hope Boyd is always as excited about school as your girls are here. I love their smiles.

    You look so pretty in your green cardigan! The pictures of you and Dave with the girls are so sweet.

    I laughed at the scones. I love to cook, but I'm not a baker, so I probably would have forgotten the chocolate too. It looks like you saved them though, and they look yummy.

    Love everything here. I hope your girls love their school year.

  2. Cindy... where to begin? I love this post!!!! The girls look so happy and excited and I love how close they are! The picture of you and the girls on your porch is Beautiful! The happiness and excitement just shine right through. And my favorite part... Mommy school! :) Oh, and you get the mommy of the year award for the scones on the first day! I do chocolate chip pumpkin bread, but I make it the night before! Ha ! So happy for all of you! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I agree. What a great post about school excitement. I just realized that Janey and Micah are the same age. But she is so TALL! Is she the tallest in her class? I have a different perspective. Micah is the third shortest in the entire third grade. Weird how they're all different. Hope your worries were unfounded.

  4. Love how Riley is looking out for Janey...that doesn't happen too much around here:(

    Here's to a great year!

  5. Looks like everyone had a great first day of school!!

  6. you got the best pictures on the first day. I love their smiling, shiny, happy faces at home and even more I loved the big sister love that you captured! And so awesome is the short first day?! Best idea ever! It's such a long first day here (8:30-3:20) yuck! you know I'm dreading it! Love their outfits and braids in their hair? Who did the cute hair you or Riley? Awesome job on the pictures!!!

  7. I want a footjob from riley and janey