{A Happy Morning and a Picnic}

hi there.
feeling a bit calmer then i did tuesday.
maybe i am just accepting this new normal that is our afternoons.
today we tried bringing some quiet toys up to her crib and leaving on her little light so she could play and read in bed.
it lasted about 3 minutes...."mom...i'm done!"
now she is reading in jane's bed with her reading light on.
maybe that will buy me five minutes!:)

i loved this post from julie the other day.
loved it so much i printed the printable and have it hanging in the kitchen.
it may just find a permanent place on our picture wall.
we have been chanting "best friends forever...no matter what".
a lot.
i just love it.

aubrey has been sleeping in most mornings which gives these two a chance to bond.
it also makes for a quieter mellower start to our day.:)

she typically wakes up right before we have to get in the car...i change her...hand her her smoothie and away we go.

yes she's climbing on the banister and
yes that's quite a bed head don't ya think?

janey asked aubrey to babysit felicity while she was at school.
lots of instructions about clothing, food and playtime...being a mom is tough!:)

it's been weeks since i picked up my real camera.
i think every little thing i learned at photography class went straight outta my brain.
back in automatic.

i guess at this point i am just glad i picked it up again.
something else to add to the "to-do" list i guess.:)
but it's all good.

it was riley's turn for lunch this week.
we picked her up and went to the park for a picnic.
it was a really pretty day.

when it was time to drop her back off at school they must have said goodbye and kissed 15 times.
then riley got out of the car and waved goodbye through the window.
then as she was walking up the sidewalk she said, "bye mom...love you...tell aubrey i love her!"

last night my best friend's mom had a stroke.
she is not doing well and we are all worried.
and last night our dear friends had a beautiful healthy baby girl.
life is just so funny like that.

have a happy day friends,

{thankful for}
1. life...however crazy and complicated
2. love...of all kinds
3. sunshine to warm us
4. shade to cool us
5. food to feed us


  1. The week Annie was born, my grandma died...life and death so close together!

    Love your lunch dates, might have to start doing that this year!

  2. Fun lunch! I love the post from your friend Julie. I may need to print off the pintable as well. This week really has me looking at my life and how important family is. I would love for my kids to be best friends forever.
    Have a great afternoon!

  3. Cindy, I was just thinking about this the other day! I was wondering how much longer Flynn will be napping in the afternoon! She is almost 3...and both my other girls stopped about that time. What we are doing now works quite well. We both lay down on my bed. No tv, no music, just us. We visit a little and talk about the rest of the day. The kids have been back to school for a week, and she has fallen asleep everyday so far! Now, the only problem with this setup is that I almost fall asleep too!

    Love your lunch dates too! Have a great day!

  4. Oh this time of year...so much change, but so many good things. Your girls make my heart happy with the way they love each other!

  5. Oh that last kissy picture... love it! I didn't like that 'you still need a nap but not wanting a nap' phase; it's tough! I know that your mind needs a break during the day... hoping you get some naps still in the future! Love your pull out of school for a picnic idea. I've got to do that with Anna this year. Do you just sign her out for lunch/recess and then bring her back? Feels so adverturous and fun! ~ Have a happy long, not having to make lunches for 3 days weekend, tara

  6. Your sweet girls. I just love them! Love Aubrey's bed head. :) The picnic looks like a lot of fun. So sorry about your best friend's mom. I will say a prayer for her. Life is so beautiful and so sad at the same time, and it's just hard to wrap your head around at times.


  7. Cindy this post was absolutely beautiful and I loved reading it. You gave me good goosebumps several times telling us of the love your girls have for each other, that is just too sweet how they said goodbye so much before Riley went back to school. I think it is so cool how your girls can leave school for lunch and then go back afterwards. We don't do that here...
    The pics of Aubrey are stunning, even with bed hair she is one little cutie pie! I adore the picture of Janey telling Aubrey how to look after Felicity, a beautiful memory in the making!
    I am so sorry to hear about your best friends mum, I hope she makes a speedy recovery!!