{what's up?}

oh lordy i can not get a thing done!!!:)
don't know why i said that...it just popped out...as i sit here ...the first minute i have sat down alone and i hear little miss chatter box calling me from her room...
"mom...mom...i want out!!! i don't wanna sleep...!!!:)"
mind you she slept two days in a row when daddy put her down...so not fair!

here is one of my favorite pictures just to make me feel a bit better


and here we are today...
i told her to make a sad face, crying face ,
then smile.
this is what we got.
seeing her sad face on camera actually did cheer her up so i guess that worked.
right now she is playing wonder pets...saving stuffed animals and pretending to be ming ming...
anyone else love that show?!?!?!:)
it can be contagious though...dave and i find ourselves singing that way around the house often!!!:)
...this is serious...

this girls and i walked in our small town parade this weekend.
dave and aubrey got to be spectators and collect all the candy.

nothing beats small town parades.:)

we watched soccer in the heat on saturday and i have come to realize that the only way to keep them somewhat happy on the sidelines is to have tons of ice cold gatorade, popcorn and fruit snacks!! sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do!

i haven't worked out in over a week and it is starting to get to me!
i hurt my hip somehow...exercising...lifting and carrying aubrey...combination of both...not sure...but it has been such a downer.
when your mind and body count on that loud music endorphin pumping alone time each morning you really miss it when it's gone.
i went to see a chiropractor yesterday and i feel a bit better. 
hoping this does the trick.
off to put away laundry and change the sheets on the bed before the girls get home.
with a three year old...
this may take awhile.:)
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. a morning at the park with friends
2. dave will be putting aubrey down tonight...back to school night for me:)
3. a new free printable from julie
5. a car to drive me to get chocolate:)


  1. Hi Cindy! Ok so our parallel lives part once again...I have yet to start a workout routine since Flynn has been born. And yes, she is almost 3!!!! I think about it often but.... Anyway, I hope you are feeling better soon. I love your picures too! Have a great day!

  2. Cindy, I so know what you mean with I can't get anything done. That sure was my summer and I feel so unorganized starting the year.

    I love the old picture of little miss aubrey... those eyes! And I love the one of her all serious business at the parade waiting for her sisters to walk by!

    Here's to a nap tomorrow or just a few moments of quiet play where you can get a few things done or just clear your head. (love the wonder pets b.t.w)

    Off to bed.. Anna's first day tomorrow!

  3. That baby picture of Aubrey is the sweetest!

    I hope your hip gets better. I have had a bum knee for a couple of months now, and it's a big downer. I think it's just tendons, but I'm miserable with it.

    Wonder Pets..oh yes, we love that show, and we sing the music often. Boyd has the Wonder Pets stuffed animals, and I'm kind of fond of them too.

    Enjoy your day, and your new floor cleaner. :)

  4. I always forget to say something. The parade pictures are fun. I love those!

    We went to a small town ice cream social in Iowa once, and it was the best. So picturesque and talk about small town America!

  5. I hope your hip is feeling better in no time Cindy!!
    Aubrey has the cutest eyes, they haven't changed a bit since that baby picture :)
    And small town parades would be so much fun I think, I love your pictures!
    Have a great week!!