boy soccer was crazy last night.
and i mean crazy.

it was the kind of evening where the combination of
spilling popcorn,
glaring sun,
opening and closing umbrellas,
squabbling sisters and melting three year olds almost did me in.
how long is this season again?

but then i hear janey say things like "i can't wait for soccer tonight" and hear riley pumped about a game and i know it is all worth it.
in the end.

aubrey and i tried something new today.
we graduated ourselves up to the wednesday story time group.
we are no longer part of the tuesdays two's...pardon me while i cry a bit!:(

our class was full of new faces and friends to get to know.
so far we are both liking this new little adventure.
we checked out some old favorites today like this one.
and if you have a picky eater in the house like we do, this one will make you laugh.
and this one is just beautiful.

aubrey was calm, and sweet and loving today.
i think it was the early to bed and sleep in morning that did the trick.
we snuggled and played puzzles,
read some funny new books and laughed, and
dug out some oldie but goodie toys from the basement.
it was so peaceful.

we ended the evening with an easy sandwich dinner,
soccer for riley and dave and
a two-man talent show in the basement for jane and aubrey.
i was the videographer and designated flower thrower.

tomorrow we are heading to see janey for lunch for the first time in third grade and we can't wait.

have a happy night,

{thankful for}
1. packed lunches
2. almost finished my catch-up summer posts
3. something new
4. mcdonalds cokes
5. aubrey napped


  1. Oooooh I love 'goodnight gorilla'.... brings me right back to being at storytime with Anna... darn... is that really over? (can ya tell I'm having a hard time knowing that I'm done with all that 'someone with me all day... playdoh, storytime, puzzles kinda day?' but I'll find a new way to love this stage, right?) Anyway... looks like you had the perfect day with Aubrey. I've got to check out that picky eater book; Abigail is for sure the pickiest eater I know! And naps... I remember those days when Abigail didn't want to nap and then did... sweet victory! :)

    And I know what you mean by soccer almost doing ya in. We don't have soccer on the schedule but too many other things that make me feel that same way! That'll be the stage I miss someday. I'll say, "oh I wish we had art school/viola/tennis to drive to, fight with, pack for, be there for..."

    Anyway, thanks as always for sharing the truth and the sweet in your days. ~tara

  2. I love this Cindy... I am so sad about my older ones starting back to school, but I forgot how sweet those one on one afternoons with a toddler are! Flynn jumped right back into our "the big kids are at school"routine yesterday. In fact at 12:30 she actually asked me for her nap! She hadn't really had her scheduled naptime all summer, and I was wondering if she was going to get back into a regular afternoon nap but... no worries!

    And thank you for the reminder about storytime! Can you believe I totally forgot about that! I took Madison all those years ago, but Peyton and Rhett were so close in age that they just played together all the time. We never went to storytime,but I was just thinking how it might be nice for Flynn to have a little friend her age. I have been having so much fun with her all to myself, and we have no neighbor kids her age. She probably thinks she is the only little one around! Ha! Have a great day!

  3. This is so sweet! Today is my first day at home with my 3yo while my oldest is in 2nd grade. I've been teaching up until now, so I'm in new territory. So far... loving it! I completely forgot about story time at the library, though! We'll have to see if we can fit that in next week. :)

  4. Now that my boys are much older, I just love hearing about hanging out with a little one. Sounds like it was a wonderful day and I appreciate the trip down memory lane!

  5. I love that little felt board there with the cute cut-outs, reminds me of something we had in church when I was little.

    I think I would have had a mommy meltdown at soccer. I'm glad it all turned out ok, but sometimes so many things happen at once and it's hard! Hugs!

    Love your pictures, they are always so sweet. :)

  6. Hi Cindy! You always have the sweetest posts and pictures :)