today aubrey and i took an "impromptu mid afternoon we gotta get outta the house" trip to the park.
we climbed,
we slid,
we played rescue,
we collected rocks,
we climbed the bell tower and
we ended at the zen park.
can you hear us exhaling deeply over here??

it was good.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. moms to chat with
2. water
3. being present
4. tunes
5. health


  1. Looks like a sweet afternoon with your little, Cindy. I am looking forward to those special days with Flynn too! Autumn is my favorite time to be outside with her... so much to explore and that crisp fall air! I just know that if we were neighbors, we would be friends! Have a great day!

  2. awe man... we were home all day feeling the same way!!! Wish we could have joined you!!!

  3. Your sweet posts always make me smile...and your pictures get better all the time. Are these from instagram or with your regular camera?