{A Picnic}

it's thursday...picnic day.
anyone totally sick of hearing about us going to the library, panera and the park for a picnic?

we have got to be one of the most predictable families on the planet!:) ha ha
things are just pretty simple around here i guess.
and i actually kind of love it.
no i really love it.
i thrive on routine so this little life suits me just fine.

just hoping i'm not boring you all to tears.

riley is so happy when she comes around  the corner at school and sees aubrey and i waiting there.
lets face it...i don't always see that "happy to see you look" so i'll take it when i can get it.



picked up this book at the library today.
don't laugh.
i'll let you know how it goes and share everything i learn k?

hope your day was filled with little things to love.

...happiest moment of the day so far...
surprising the girls with brownies after school
thanks for the inspiration billie jo:)

have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. a beautiful day
2. cooler weather
3. sweet baby gifts to give
4. flying kites with our friends
5. a brownie in my mug of ice cream:)


  1. So glad your girls liked the brownies, Cindy! And I love that you love being predictable and simple and that you thrive on routine...because guess what? sooo do I! In fact I just drafted a post about routine and schedule today! For real! Glad your day was nice and your pictures are beautiful!!! Have a great weekend, Cindy!

  2. Days like these are just wonderful! So glad to see you enjoying it with your girls :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. I thrive on routine as well.

    Now I think I should make browines for my kids to enjoy after school tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love hearing about your peaceful days! And you just gave me the idea of meeting Emily for lunch. Then my oldest son said "hey what about me?" GREAT idea! And the best part is...a Panera Bread is opening in our town:))

  5. The sky is gorgeous. You can't beat Panera...and you must share the 20 year younger secrets!
    Glad you had a fun day!

  6. If you ever did stop talking about the library, Panera, and the park for picnics, it just wouldn't be you! :) I am a creature of habit as well, and I love that about you too. When we find our happy things, we stick with them.

    Beautiful photos!

  7. Your "routines" inspire me so keep 'em coming! I adored my picnic with Anna and can't wait to do it again! Wishing I did it last year when Abigail was home with me.

    Fill us all in on the 20 years younger book. It sounds interesting. Wow! 20 years younger would put me a the sparkling age of 19... young, in college, wanting to be a teacher, wanting and hoping someday Scott would ask me to marry him to live the life I'm living now... oh... I like looking back sometimes!

    Have a wonderful socceriffic weekend Cindy!!! ~tara

  8. I am a homebody at heart and love a solid routine, but you always remind me to do special things with my kids. I love this post and your girls look so happy! I love the frilly skirt and that last shot is amazing!

  9. A mug of ice-cream?? YUMMO!!
    That does sound good with a Brownie too mmmm
    These pics are sweet, that top one of Riley really laughing is beautiful and I know what you mean about not always seeing a happy smiling daughter, it's the age of hormones unfortunately.
    And I don't think you are boring at all, in fact you inspire me Cindy, I love the little routines you have and the family togetherness is super sweet!!