another beautiful blue sky kind of day.
but sadly our cool temps have been replaced with the dreaded 80's...but i guess that beats 90's right?

quite a fascinating picture of my blender right?
this was my feeble attempt at this months ten on ten.
i got one shot at 7:00 am and that was it.
kind of funny to me actually.
but speaking of smoothies...i am happy to report that i have only missed making our morning batch once this year so far.
we were out of frozen fruit and i had forgotten to cut some up the night before.
they are still a yummy hit.
we have been adding mangoes lately...super yummy!

i spent waaaaay too much time yesterday looking up and researching anti-aging creams.
i think my upcoming birthday had me in that mood!:)
either that or it was the visit to the girls classrooms last week that did it.
it was supposed to be a grandparent thing but my parents couldn't make it so we went instead.
i saw lots of grandparents not much older then us for heavens sakes and it made me think "good lordy how old will we be when it's aubrey's turn"!!:) ha ha
got any "make you look young quick" products you love?

we had a pretty busy day for us today.
panera, the library and then the park with our friends.
we have enjoyed having company the last few weeks for our library mornings. we have been going with our "carpooling friends" (such a silly name huh?). our big girls are friends and now our younger ones are becoming friends too. they have a 4 year old son and an 18 month old little girl. i love seeing aubrey play with their little one. it makes me long even more to give her a little sister. she is so good with her. makes me remember riley and janey at those ages. here's a few faves in case you forgot about all that cuteness.:)


one of aubreys favorite things to do when we get home from the library is to spread out all the books and put them into piles for her and her sisters. sometimes she makes them into a hopscotch board and jumps on them but we won't share that detail with the librarians.:)

some of our favorites this week are: the very lazy ladybug and peace at last.

speaking of peace at last aubrey is up in her bed but not very peaceful.
i still don't get it.
i do the exact same thing dave does and she will stay in her bed and play for an hour for him!
an hour people!!!
for me she is squawking and begging to come down after 5 minutes.
i know this is a very small "sleep issue" and we are blessed beyond belief to have three great sleepers so i won't complain too much.:) she has a little bit of a runny nose...maybe that's it?!?!

look at all these peppers dave got from a friend at work.
he is planning on making several batches of pepper jelly.
his pepper jelly is amazing!!!
i promise to share the recipe.
and speaking of recipes...i have not forgotten my pizza post.
it's hard to find a time for us both to sit down at the computer to write it.
who wants to do that in the evening after a long day?
especially when we can be watching this!!!
have you seen it yet?
don't give any details away...i dvr'ed it and we have a date with the tv tonight.
of course my mug of mint chocolate chip ice cream will be there too.
it's the simple pleasures in life isn't it??!!!:)

so what have y'all been up to this week?
fall weather there to stay in your neck of the woods?
we are hoping soon!

...happiest moment of the day so far... 
(idea borrowed from nicolle)
aubrey looking at me with laughter in her eyes and saying read it again mommy during our book time.
i just love that.
i think i use way too many exclamation points and smiley faces...sorry!:)
**wink wink**
have a happy day,


  1. I just love you. The other day I was so annoyed with myself with all of the exclamation points and smileys that I have been using, but sometimes that is just how I show emotion in my writing. I'm trying to tone it down, but it's hard. You make me laugh!

    You are so good about the routine of making your smoothies every single morning. So healthy and good for you guys.

    I LOVE pepper jelly. My mom has made it in the past. I really, really love it.

    Sorry about Aubrey and the resting stuff. It's so crazy how kids do things differently for their mom vs. their dad.

    I'm telling the librarian on you! :)

    have a good night.

  2. And did I ever tell you about the time I was at Chick Fil A with Boyd and Boyd's grandma, and an employee looked right at me, and asked if I was the grandma?! I think I cried for a few days over that one. I'm still trying to find the humor in it. ha.

  3. Hello there Cindy! I was dying this afternoon when I first read this post! Guess what my little Flynn was doing at the exact same time? Playing Fisher Price Little People!Just exactly like your little Aubrey! Scary, huh?

    I know exactly what you mean about the grandparent thing! I see these young parents in the pick up line at school and I think about the fact that I will be quite a bit older than that when Flynn is being picked up!

    Always love your posts, Cindy...feel like we are sisters! Have a great week!

  4. Hey there Cindy... funny... I talked about wrinkles in my last post! I have no ideas for wrinkle cream but lately have been thinking about it and noticing young couples. Weird, I know, but it's shocking. In my head Scott and I look still like 23 year old newlyweds but then I see some 23 year old newyweds and I go... whoa... we've changed! Oh well! Let me know if you find something good! PS~ I use too many ...'s in my writing. :)!!! (that last parts for you!)

  5. OH PLEASE....If you find any good anti-aging products let me know! I think mine are going to be Botox and Juvederm. I swear! I think I'm beyond creams at this point. I've always only worn tinted moisturizer, but the other day it looked like it had been discontinued so I looked at foundations. I was LOST! I wound up buying one by No. 7 b/c it was cheap enough and it was called "Lifting and Firming." ;) So far so good. Not lifted nor firmed, but at least it has a bit more coverage.

    And Pepper Jelly, huh? What do you eat that on? I think of it on crackers at a party. I think I'd like that. And it would give me a reason to grow peppers. :)

  6. I have 'Parenthood' recorded and STILL haven't found the time to watch it! Maybe this weekend? I would love to make smoothies in the morning. I think my daughter would love them. Have you posted your recipe before? Do you use all frozen fruit?