{Weekend Glimpses}

hi there!
what a beeeeeeautiful weekend we had.
the weather was perfect with blue skies and sunshine.
it even made our two soccer games on saturday a pleasure!!:)

i was determined to take more pictures this weekend.
but sadly, it just didn't happen.
i'll go ahead and blame it on the gorgeous weather we had ok?!?!

i did snap a picture of this little cutie.
we got to visit the girls classrooms on friday and all the kids in janey' class made themselves and hung them in the hallways for their families to find. it didn't take us long to spot janey.

on sunday dave, aubrey and i got a special invitation.

how could we resist that.

dave made all the dishes from this episode.
the chicken was amazing.
we are both envisioning that chicken on chicken tacos next time or the marinade on chicken wings.
the rice had a "canned tomato taste".
we both agree dave's homemade pico de gallo would be better mixed in next time.:)

it was a great sunday dinner.
and if you look real closely you can see which member of the family was just too distracted by eating outside:)

what did you do this weekend?
hope it was a beautiful one,

heard this song on the radio this afternoon and i fell in love with her voice.
this might just be our new morning jam tune.


  1. Cool awesome song! Thanks for sharing! So happy that you had a great weekend and I love the dinner invitation! Awesome! Enjoy your Monday Cindy, tara

  2. I love your daughter's school craft Cindy! And is that Arthur listed as her favorite tv show? We love Arthur in this house! Even me! Have a great day!

  3. Such a cute dinner invitation!!Looks like a fun dinner!
    Happy Monday~