see my days really are full...takes me till thursday to get wednesdays post out!:)

where is this week going?
anybody else wondering that?
with soccer winding down and post season parties in the works, janey preparing photos for "star student" this week and both girls walking in the homecoming parade on friday each day has some major task that needs to be completed. days like that always make the week fly for me.

started my morning with this old favorite song and this new favorite.
i know that new one is anything but new but i am usually several months behind the popular music scene.:) i love starting the day with a good song.

speaking of good songs, my hip is finally feeling better and i am back to working out.
which means early, early alarms ringing and very little extra time to blog but i am trying to find that balance again. i miss and need it too much to give it up.

after our normal panera and library wednesday aubrey and i came home and decided to bake.
this sudden desire was fueled completely by my need for chocolate in a house that had none.
i made meg's cookies and aubrey made pink ones.

in daddy's steamer with his garlic press and ravioli mold.

the added sprinkles at the end were the finishing touch.

i went the easy route this time and pressed mine into a big sheet pan.
talk about simple.
i have never done that before...why?
it was tons quicker and kept me from eating way too much dough!
(does that gross you out? i know it is dreadful and i don't let the girls do it...but yummmmm!)

it was a great early dismissal surprise for the girls.

and funny story...aubrey and i were lost in our baking this afternoon, noticed we had 15 minutes to get to school for pick-up. i scooped her up and her shoes but forgot mine!
noticed as soon as i parked that i was still in my socks! my choices were to walk up to get the girls in my socks or janey's very yellow neon emergency flip flops (cause i'm not the only one in the family who has forgotten their shoes before). i was laughing so hard at myself as i was texting my friend there in line. i knew as soon as i saw riley the first thing she was going to say was..."why are you wearing THOSE shoes??!!" sure enough that is exactly what she said.
at least my hair wasn't in curlers or something completely dreadful like that!!:)

we had a little impromptu play date after school today since it was early release.
i just love our friends.
such sweet, sweet girls.

they played and i cleaned up the tornado struck kitchen that only a day involving baking, no shoes and a play date right after school can bring.

i think i might be a tad bit obsessed.
what do you think?

do you ever do that?
get a topic in your mind you want to research then get waaay to many books on the subject?
there are not enough hours in the day for me to get through these babies.
but i still promise to share everything i learn!:)

we have tried a few new smoothies this week.
i substituted yogurt where ever it said sherbet cause i couldn't quite justify sherbet for breakfast.
know what i mean?:)
they were yummy.

so how was your wednesday?
hope it was a happy one.

...happiest moment of the day so far...
forgetting my shoes and having a good laugh about it

have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. warm cookies
2. laughter
3. friends
4. good music
5. you


  1. can you imagine life without being able to laugh at yourself? Thanks for giving me a chance to chuckle this afternoon!

  2. Best picture? The one with the clothes and stuff on the stairs. Happens here every day too! It made me smile.

    I know what you mean about a crazy week when there's stuff our kids need us for. I feel it this week for sure. I'm always getting ready for something for them. Sometimes I long for the week when there's not a 'thing' we have to prepare for.

    Anyway, love the shoe story! I haven't done that one yet but maybe some day. Glad you were able to get a laugh out of it!

    Bet the girls loved those cookies! Anything with chocolate chips... yum!!!

    I've been getting my workouts in at 5:15 every morning. I've never been a morning person before but I like to do them half awake... they go by faster that way :) What time do you workout? Glad your hip is feeling better friend.

    Enjoy your night. I'm flying solo... again.. ugh!


  3. Your cookies look yummy. I used to bake them like that for my daddy. Good memories. :) Of course, I love the pink cookies too. The thought of you in those shoes makes me laugh. It's a wonder we get out the door dressed half the time. I think a mom's mind never really has time to settle down or focus! I love hearing about your days, and your pictures always make me smile. :)

  4. Hello Cindy...I just love reading about how other's days are going! Thanks for sharing your everyday, which is so very similar to my own : ) loving the cookie in the pan idea..I never do that either?! And you go right ahead and eat that dough! I sure do! My poor kids... they don't know what cookie dough tastes like(unless it is in a blizzard from Dairy Queen, but that is hardly the same!)

    And you don't even know how many times we have rushed out the door for pick up! I pray no one wants to visit with me, so I just try to look busy in my car! I remember when I was young and picked up Madison...I practically changed my whole outfit and make up just for pick up! My how I have mellowed...Thank Heavens!

    Anyway...thanks for sharing! Have a great evening...

  5. Aubrey looks like a kindergartner in these pictures! All of a sudden she's not so little anymore!
    Cute pictures. All your books made laugh! I look in the mirror these days and notice all kinds of things I never really noticed before. Maybe one day I'll share my botox story! (And no, I never did go to that appointment!)

  6. Looks like you are obsessing about wrinkles these days!! :-)
    Glad Janey's emergency shoes were in the car...you could have gone bare footed then you would have really gotten a good comment from Riley!!

  7. do i do that?? haha-- people actually ask me to do that for them i am such a google fiend. :) aubrey is looking so big! can't believe we ran into eachother this summer in the bathroom of all places and didn't even have time to chat! glad you guys are enjoying your days... :)

  8. Hi Cindy! Thanks for being real and showing us these pics of your home, it looks exactly like mine don't you worry! You made me smile at the thought of you running late to school in neon flip flops hehehe, at least you made the best lookiing cookie ever!! Bet that tasted so good too :) Have a wonderful day with your gorgeous girls xo