{A Buncha Stuff}

as i type this and look at these photos thursday feels forever ago.
to say it has been a jam packed few days for us is an understatement.
sometimes in the evening dave and i look at each other through weary eyes and wonder what we are doing wrong. are we over scheduling? not handling it all well? too old? (ha ha but that is SO not funny) we are both bone tired by the end of the night and sometimes the race to get them all in bed so we can sit...just sit...is a fast one. i sure do miss those preschool days when we never left the house and everyone was in bed by 7!:)

anyway... such is life and it's all good.

...a picnic...

i looked up and saw this heart of leaves...see it?

these two love to eat their lunch in the car as we drive to the park so they have longer to play hide and seek.

...happiest moment of this day so far...
hearing janey say "i wish this moment never had to end".
...a parade...
we really do love a parade here.
i love that the whole entire town comes out to celebrate homecoming.
the girls were both excited to finally be part of the action this year.
aubrey was excited about all the candy.

what do you mean i've already had too much?

i guess i can be called an official soccer mom now.
see all those beautifully colored big soccer balls with the girls names and numbers on them....i made those...all 10 of them.
then watched them get rained on and ruined as the skies opened up and the rain (and hail!) fell.
...happiest moment of the day so far...
seeing the girls proud faces waving at aubrey and i
...the camp out...
riley camps every year with her girl scout troop.
usually she just wants to go and be with her friends, but this year she wanted me to go along.
so after we quickly dried off from the rain and hail, we loaded the car and headed off.

oh how i love her.
i got to just sit back and watch her interact with the other girls.
her sweetness and her kindness.
she is such a good friend.
she was helpful and loving and funny too.
at night after lights out she climbed in my bunk and we snuggled for awhile.
then we both got to laughing so hard about a funny story and it was like when you start laughing in church and you just can't stop! we were crying and trying to keep it in but we both had the giggles.
one of the other moms came over to us thinking riley was crying from a bad dream or something.
...happiest moment so far...
snuggling with my girl
...a medal...

riley played her last game of the season on saturday.
she worked so hard this year.
her love of the game is so evident and she has really improved over the years.
i think it might be all that great coaching.:)
we are so proud of you baby.
hope your weekend and was filled with a buncha good stuff.
have a happy day,


  1. Wow Cindy!! You HAVE been busy!!! What a bunch of wonderful, fun, and exhausting activities!!! Looks like you had soo much fun with your littles. They are blessed to have such a wonderful mommy! And may I just add...those soccer balls were awesome!!!

    So glad you all had such a great weekend. Now here's hoping you can sit down with your feet up, coffe or tea in hand and relax!!

    Happy Tuesday, friend : )

  2. Congratulations Riley! I love the picture of you with your Dad!

  3. Oh wow, what Janey said to Aubrey was the sweetest thing ever!!! Moments like that make you just want to bottle them up and not let them ever leave your side, it melts your heart :)
    You guys certainly have been busy, and don't worry, I don't think you are alone with chaotic night times lol