it's my birthday.
the girls have been doing so much rounding in school i am now fully aware that i am closer to 50 then 40! and as my good friend reminded me i have moved up to a whole new bracket on all public forms...the 45-60 box!!:)
but that's ok.
i am grabbing this new age bracket by the horns and holding on tight.
loaded with new ammo and a new determination to get and stay healthier then ever before.
45...bring it on!:)

my birthday began where all good birthdays shouldn't...the dmv!
yes i waited till the very last moment (i really just needed to get my hair colored first and they are closed on mondays!:)) but it was quick and rather painless and i like my photo. so maybe it's lucky to wait till the very last day who knows. i had to take several pictures of my previous drivers license and ask the sweet lady at the counter for a copy of it...i got my last drivers license right after we moved here and i was 8 months pregnant with janey. she loves to hear that story and of course being the sentimental sweetie that she is...she wanted to save it forever. a copy and a blurry photo will just have to do.

after a quick stop by the shoe place to pick up my new walking shoes (good healthy karma!) and a sprint through target, i was off to a field trip with janey. this seems strange but i never tire of the flood of memories that come back every time i step onto a big yellow school bus.

look at that sweet young teacher...i used to be that sweet young teacher....way younger then all of my parents...now i am that parent...way older then the sweet young teacher!!:) haha
janey and her sweet new best friend.
it's funny...this picture reminds me of me and my best friend lisa who was always (and still is) a foot or more shorter then me.

it was a fun trip.

we headed for haircuts and dance right after school.
and then came home for a yummy pizza dinner and presents.

i love how happy these girls are to give gifts.
they get so excited about picking out exactly the right present and are so giddy when you open it. dave and i both love to give gifts so i guess that's where they get it from.:)
i got some beautiful cards
wool socks
a new "ergonomically designed sore hip protecting" laundry basket
a yummy fall candle
a modern family-ish owl cookie jar and
janey picked out this cute little owl mommy and baby and the baby had blue eyes just like her...she was so proud of that!:)
(sorry i never opened your presents mom and dad...i just forgot...is it old age already?!:) i promise to face time you today when we open them!)

our pizza was delicious and our dove ice cream bars were too.
dave is making a special dinner over the weekend when things are a little less hectic and the girls are baking a cake. birthdays in the middle of an already full week can be tough.:)

but if you stick a candle in just about anything with chocolate and sing "happy birthday" all us girls are happy!

...sorry i put the camera on the wrong setting for dave and we have a bit of a blur...
i just love this little family of mine. and i am so grateful for the privilege of loving them every day. i was sad as i was writing this post that i never got a picture with dave...the man who makes it all possible! he took the day off so i could go on the field trip with janey and made this day so wonderful for me. you are the best and i love you baby.:)
thanks so much for all the cards, texts and phone calls.
i sure am surrounded by lots of love in this life!!
45 is going to be another great year...i just know it.
have a happy day,


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cindy!!!! I love that you had a special day with Janey! I know how you feel about the 'young teacher'. I feel the same way. Being around the girls teachers always makes me feel old. I remember when I was that 'young teacher' way younger than any of the parents that I'd never get old. I just couldn't see it! Those teachers seem so innocent to me. Anyway... glad that it was a happy day for you. Love the new laundry basket! :) And I love your young drivers liscense. So sweet. I try to think when I look back and feel a bit sad that one day I will look back at today and think how young I was and how much I wish I could do these days of lots of driving around over again. You already have a great bday attitude. And Dave's pizza and dove bars.... perfect ending to the day! Happy birthday my friend! ~tara

  2. Happy Birthday Cindy! It looked the perfect way to celebrate your birthday, except for the DMV part ;)
    There's nothing better than getting sweet little gifts from the kids!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Cindy! I see a theme developing here! I echo exactly what you and Tara both said. I too was that young teacher..21 when I started!!!...and I remember all the parents were older than I was. Now we are the parents and we are all so blessed. Looks like you had a great birthday, friend! And thanks for the tip about the 45-60 bracket! I am right behind you... : )

  4. Happy Birthday...I am not that far behind you in age. It looks like you had a wonderful day spending it with the people you love.

  5. Happy birthday. Enjoy every second of it!

  6. happy birthday! i'm right behind you :)

  7. Happy birthday! You look wonderful!
    Have a fantastic week!


  8. Happy birthday...45 looks amazing on you! Have a great day!

  9. You are beautiful, and I'm so glad your birthday was a great one. I love the owl cookie jar. What a sweet day, for a very deserving person! Love all of the pictures.

  10. ohhhh~ Happy Birthday, Cindy!! Love BOTH of your license photos. I think you're the only human to have a pretty license photo!!

    It looks like the PERFECT birthday. Surrounded by those you love and their special gifts for you.

  11. Happy 45th Birthday Cindy!!! You look beautiful, your girls are beautiful just like their mummy :)
    These were such sweet pictures, the collages are so nice and great memories for you all!! I have never seen a candle stuck in an ice-cream before lol very creative!! I had to smile when you said you couldn't get your license until your hair was coloured hehehe that would so be me!! It looks like you had a wonderful day surrounded by endless love and cute gifts. Have the best year ever!! xo