{We Won!}

i never played sports growing up.
i was a band nerd...although we were cooler then any band around!!:)
anytime i watch sports these days i am always the one cheering for our team like crazy but then ready to break out in tears for the poor kicker/quarterback/pitcher/goalie who "lost" the game in the final seconds. so i am so glad i have dave to instill a love of sports in our kids. sports are so important for girls. their sense of body image...being part of a team...seeing the importance of working hard and staying fit...

last night janey's team played for the championship!
it was THE most nail biting, stressful, intense hour i have spent in a long time!
the teams were very closely matched and they played so hard.
there were so many barely missed shots on the goal, take aways, and goalies saves.
i was a mess!!!
poor aubrey, she kept wondering why mommy was screaming so loud.
it totally took me back to my brother's baseball days!
i can't tell you how many games i would screamed myself hoarse at the fence.
and yes he was a pitcher/first baseman/awesome hitter so it was always intense!:)

janey defending the goal and kicking away the ball.
photographed by riley because i was too stressed to focus!:)

the score was 0-0 till the very last few minutes when our team scored once and then again.
we were all jumping around and cheering and then of course i see the face of that poor sweet purple shirted goalie who was in tears!!!:( thinking that could be my baby out there.
but i know this is when dave would give me the speech of "one play not winning or losing a game". and i try to let it go...
especially when i see this face.
i know there will be many days ahead of us when our faces might be the sad ones at the end of a big game. so for now i'll just try and savor these.

go green!!!
...happiest moment of the day so far...
seeing all these proud smiling faces
have a happy day,


  1. It's so much fun to win...especially when the teams are so evenly matched!

    It's crazy when it's your kid out there,huh?

  2. Congratulations! So happy for all of you, Cindy! Those smiles say it all! And ,once again, I am like you...I think about the other team and how they feel. Oh well, I guess that's just how we softies are! : ) Enjoy the victory! And the weekend, friend.

  3. How exciting! Love all of your happy pictures!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Cindy, that is the BEST picture ever of Janey! Pure joy! And then with Riley.. love it! Oh and showing it to Aubrey... precious. How fun to be a bundle of nerves and then WIN!!! What a cool night! Yeah Janey!

  5. Awwww, Cindy, this is so sweet. Congratulations Janey! What a proud moment for her, and for all of you. I would have been a nervous mama too. :)

    Great photos!

  6. WHOOHOOOO!!! LOve that victory shot of Janey! Way to go!!!!!!!