{Springtime in the Trees}

last night aubrey climbed up at the island to draw while we were cleaning up dinner.
in between answering a million questions, juggling dishes, studying for science, thinking of all that still had to be done that evening and getting riley to get her shoes on cause we had to leave in 10 minutes...i turned around to see my sweet little baby so hard at work.
we all stopped in silence and just starred.
it really was an awe filled moment.
in the middle of all the chaos she had drawn...completely on her own...a picture of her and janey.
she said they were playing together and it was "springtime in the trees".
could there be anything more lovely?

sometimes beauty can happen in the middle of chaos can't it.:)

have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. a morning at the park
2. an unexpected lunch with a friend
3. pumpkin spice cream cheese
4. dinner already ready for tonight
5. a clean floor


  1. There is nothing more lovely than little ones keeping life simple and beautiful in the midst of it all. Love the springtime in the trees.

    And glad to hear that the bakers are not the only ones that often have chaos around dinner clean up time.

    Oh and Dave's pizza recipe? The BEST we've ever had!!!! The sauce... yum! I'll never buy canned again! The hand grated cheese... I'll never buy prepackaged grated cheese again for our pizza. And the crust? Amazing! Thank you Dave! We love our new Saturday night Dave's pizza tradition!!!

  2. Yep! I agree with you both...those special moments that happen in the middle of the madness...priceless! The picture is adorable. : ) Also glad to hear that we are not alone after dinner...the "forgotten" paper that needs signed, the study sheet that needs asked, and the bath that really needs given... yep! Been there and love it! : )

  3. Love this, Cindy....beauty in the chaos!

  4. I'm so impressed with her drawing, and I love what she said. Her drawing makes me smile, BIG! Boyd just wrote his name, and that thrilled me, so I know how you felt. :)

  5. Oh me too, I would be so thankful for a clean floor. There is nothing better... and the picture. There is something very artistic about it. Something to cherish.