we did our usual today.
panera and the library.
but this time it was just a bit more special....

and stressful on poor mama.:)

yes we ran to the bathroom 5 times.
yes we had to do a quick mini change in the bathroom and
yes i am bringing my own paper towels next time cause what in the world is up with those
"super sonic louder then ever scare kids crazy" hand dryers these days.
after 5 trips i was getting really tired of drip drying!!!:)
there are little princesses in my laundry basket again and honestly it is kind of blowing my mind and bumming me out a bit.:(

dave is out of town till tomorrow so we have been flying solo.
last night i did so well with healthy meals for everyone.
but tonight it's mcdonalds.
i had a mega salad today and tons of water so i am calling it a wash!:)

the leaves are starting to change around here and i am so excited to see what things look like for our lunch time picnic tomorrow.
oh how i dream of a  "real" photo shoot for the girls.
all warm and snuggly in sweaters and jeans...fall leaves everywhere...baskets of apples...
maybe this weekend??

we decorated for fall
but somebody is just too lazy to get the camera out.
it's on the list for tomorrow so we will see how that goes.

...happiest moment of the day so far...
aubrey looking right into my eyes (as she was sitting somewhere) and saying "i love you mommy"

hope your wednesday was wonderful,
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. easy meals
2. snuggles
3. a new book
4. the smell of fall in the house
5. a clean floor


  1. Evie has those same panties. My mom called yesterday and I told her that Evie was finally completely trained. I hate the stage you're in--emergency every few minutes. Either a diaper or trained. The in between is such a pain!

    Good luck, Mama and Aubrey!

  2. Hi Cindy! So glad that you're doing well with flying solo! Big girl panties?! Oh my! You forget how hard that stage is. Like all things it goes by so super quick (when it's over). Yeah for you Aubrey! Have a good night Cindy! Gota get me camera out to take decorations pics too! Hope you get the photo shoot in this weekend; it's a long one!

  3. Love the lst picture...beautiful eyes!
    Oh I remember that stage. I think we have visited every bathroom in our town!
    Have a great Thursday!

  4. Good morning Cindy. Ok , so Flynn has those exact same Princess "big girl pants"! And....they are in her drawer. No interest. At all. I am thinking after Christmas, maybe. I mean it is much too busy now right? : ) Can't wait to see your fall decorations. Get that camera out, gal! Have a great day!

    PS We love us some McDonalds every now and then. : )